Are God's delays God's denials?

Lately I’ve noticed the number of my friends are finding boyfriends/girlfriends or even if they aren’t in relationships, are approached by members of their opposite sex all the time. The thing is guys don’t ever approach me or ask me out and I’m coming to wonder if there is something wrong or ugly or off about/with me.
Although I have made a vow to myself to wait for marriage until I have sex and seek to have a relationship that is true and meaningful with someone I love who is my equal, I sometimes highly doubt that marriage and/or a family will ever happen to me.
So I’ve been reflecting on whether God’s delays are really delays at all or whether they are His full denials. Maybe they are sign that as nothing has ever progressed in this aspect of my life, it’s His way of telling me that a relationship was not meant for you. Or perhaps even it’s not time for you to be in one. Honestly, I am unsure of whether His delays are his denials.

And not necessarily only in terms of boyfriends & girlfriends, but in any aspect of our lives…

Depending on your age not dating may be a good thing. I remember when I was in high school and college that I thought everyone had a girlfriend. I thought I was ugly. But hey, I graduated with honors. I don’t know if I would’ve done so if I were distracted by a relationship when I was young and immature. I don’t know if God is saying no to you right now or no forever. But whatever God’s plan is, it’s the best plan. So trust His judgment. In the mean time, maybe focus on how you’re already blessed.

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The Lord answers us in three ways; yes, no, or with time. We are called to get married here on earth, keep chastity and eventually the Lord will call someone to you.

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Not all of us are called to marry.


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