Are Gyms Places of Temptation or Occasion of Sin

Anything, from vanity to adultery, and be specific in your replies.


I would imagine any place, can be deemed a near occasion of sin…watching tv, being at work, walking one’s dog through the park, going to the gym, going to the supermarket…etc…I have personally not been prone to near occasions of sin at a gym–but if someone struggles with ogling women or men…then, it can be a temptation towards lust, for example. If a person wants attention, one could be prone to tempting others to look at him/her by what he/she is wearing. (or lack there of:o ) So…really, when it comes to temptation, each individual person out there needs to come to grips with what is personally a temptation for him/her. What might be tempting for me–won’t be for another, and visa versa.

I have belonged to gyms in the past, and personally, depending on the time of day one goes, it can be a bit of a ‘pick up’ scene, where people are checking everyone out…sitting on the equipment, and flirting. I have also been at other times, where everyone is pretty serious in getting their workouts done. But, a gym in and of itself is not the problem–just think it depends on one’s temptation ‘triggers.’ Hope that didn’t sound confusing.

You mean all that spandex and all? :blush:

I’ll tell you frankly that the only effect the younger women have on me is that if we get on the treadmills at the same time, I’ll be darned if I’m going to get off before they do! I can run just as long as they can, even if they are 20 years younger than me.

Yeah, in my mind. :rolleyes:

given my past i think it might be a place for the occasion of sin for myself…there are two different men going to the beach one goes and sees women wearing bikini’s the other went to see the women wearing bikini’s…it all depends on the heart of the beholder.

:smiley: Admitting we have a problem, is the first step to recovery, paul. ~~LOL

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You said it so much more succinctly than me. :o Yes, I agree.

Honestly, anywhere not just a gym can be temptation or occation of sin. I think compared to many other places, it can be much less of a place for that.

Sure, it depends on a person’s intentions when they are at a gym. If women dress in a sports bra and short shorts, yes I’d say they might be causing the occasion for sin. The thing is, very rarely do I see other women at the gym that I go to (a college gym) dress that way. I tend to dress in bike shorts and a baggy t-shirt, and I hate the way I look when my hair is in a ponytail, so I honestly don’t like to be seen when I’m there…in fact I really don’t try to look at other people beyond just “seeing” my surroundings as I work out.

More often when I see men working out there, I either feel intimitated or rather disgusted/frustrated if they dress in a way that seems “matcho” or like they are trying to get attention.

I’m at a gym to work out and try and improve my health…certainly not to get attention from guys (or to oogle guys for that matter). As a woman, I can say that I find gyms to be a place that would be one of the least temptations to sin since I really feel unattractive and somewhat antisocial when I’m there…lol.

Not for me. Ick! When I think of gyms, I think of the smell of sweat and iron, which reminds me of blood. Bulked-up men do nothing for me, and I’ve never seen women exercising in spandex except in the movies. Everyone I’ve seen, male or female, dresses in long shorts, with a t-shirt or a sleeveless shirt. Nobody looks the least bit attractive to me in a gym.

I prefer to exercise outside. The downside is that there are more people to see me bounce :blush: but none of them see me for long. And I try to keep the bouncing to a minimum.

I understand that there are “Christian Gyms” now (non-denom), of course. I don’t know if there’s theologically unsound music, but I know that there are dress codes.

Looking a little further, there’s everything from

“praisercise” and “yo-god,” all done to new-agey Christian music.
(from here).


Next to the door, a crucifix adorns the wall. High above the windows, plastic banners boldly proclaim biblical verses such as “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” which is from an epistle of the apostle Paul to the Philippians. Listen closely and you’ll hear an audio wallpaper of Christian music.
This is Holy Spirit Gym, where prayer meets pushups.

“You won’t find a meat market here,” said Yurly, who was raised Roman Catholic in Orange County." (from here).

So there’s a trend on getting fit physically without the SSA/OS distractions.

It’s an occassion of envy (I wish I had a thinner body like that lady or that lady) or an occassion of pride (I’m not that superficial, “Thank goodness I’m not like those people only coming here because it’s a meat market”). For some it can become a god, where they focus more on their health and body than their spiritual health. YOu get my point. But it is good to exercise and stay healthy and it is good to recognize that one is not free from temptation or sin when getting healthy.

Everyday when I used to finish work I would head straight to the pub for a couple of pints, I made a real habit of it. Now, after work I head straight to the gym. I see no cause for temptation there, but then again there aren`t many girls that go, although there are some.

Every place you can go to look better can be an occasion of pride, even a fabric store or a dance class, but is it necessary to go around in rags and never exercise just to avoid thinking about how you look? I try to remind myself what the point of looking good is – to be healthy and set a good example of healthy living – and not dwell on the competitive side of it too long.

Chic gyms may be, but when I go to a gym it is the local Y and is about as temptation free as any public locale.

anything less tempting than the gang at curves would be hard to imagine

I understand how it could be a temptation or occasion of sin… but just like any other situation in life is. :shrug:
Can’t blame the gym, the beach, the mall, whatever location… those are just places… nor can we ever control what’s in another person’s heart or mind.

I personally LOVE going to the gym! Even at 5 1/2 months pregnant! So, yes, I may get stares… but at this point it’s just shock and awe…:eek: hehehehe…:stuck_out_tongue:

To me, my gym (and I belong to the Y) is a place for connecting my mind, spirit, and body. A place I can safely take a break (their childcare is wonderful) for myself to nuture myself and take care of myself so I can take care of my family. A place that is health-centered, where I can exercise safely and stretch my body and mind.

I’ve been to gyms that are meat markets and if that’s where you have to go, then you keep your eye on what you have to do and ignore the rest. To me, not caring for the vessel that God gave you is a greater sin than seeing some buff guy lift weights (which I don’t find attractive, BTW).

I go to an all women’s gym. There are maybe three men that I see their regularly. Two are about 80 years old. One younger one is pretty buff but he goes there because he usually brings his young daughter and we have great babysitting there and never hits on the women. Most of the women are older and not in great shape and then there are the teens who just come there to gossip and fool around with their friends…they don’t really exercise.

I voted no.

How can a smelly pit of Hades, designed for physical torment, be any sort of temptation unless you’re tempted to run home, shower, and nap?


I’m a football player and a gym rat. The smell of sweat, iron, chalk and rubber gets me going.

If it’s an occasion of sin for you, there’s one simple solution - up the intensity, if you aren’t focused on the pain then you ain’t doing it right. :stuck_out_tongue:

but srsly, some more modesty would be nice but it isn’t a reason to skip the gym entirely - i’ll have to admit, when I see some of the female olympic weightlifters go up for that clean and jerk, I think my heart actually stops.

Oh another tip, stay away from the treadmills - that’s where the cuties are anyway. If you want to do some cardio, do it outside amongst God’s glorious creation, not a bunch of 19 year old freshmen who are…

oh boy, I think I need to go blow off some steam, off to the Gymski!

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