Are Gyms Places of Temptation or Occasion of Sin

I belong to a very utilitarian gym - no juice bar, no pick up scene. I have never seen anyone at my gym that is a temptation. Course I am way to busy with my painful workout to notice my weightlifting neighbor.

Plus smelly and sweaty people are not a turn on.

When I went the gym there used to be a man in his 60s exercising and I, a woman of 30 at the time, refused to call it a day until he did. I have to credit him for keeping me in shape.:wink:

Now THAT’S my kind of gym. Not for me the pounding rhythms of places like CURVES. Give me a weight room and no music and I’m happy.

I usually wear my IPod at the gym. I have specific music that I work out to/ When I am on the treadmill you hook it into a port so you can hear the sound on the TV. I watch the cooking shows while I am on the treadmill. Somehow that doesn’t seem right…

I can’t stand ear buds and my head set is not conducive to exercising so no music for me.

As for watching TV, I always wished I could hook up my TV to the exercise bike and use the bike as a generator. That would be motivation to exercise.

The ear buds that come with iPods are hard plastic and hurt. Have you tried these? They go in your ear and have a silicone earpiece.

Amazon Sennhieser earbuds

It seems like every time I go to the “Y” the there is a bicycling class going on right next to me cranking up the cheesy 80’s tunes. If hearing “Karma Chameleon” cranked up to 100 decibels at 6:00am isn’t a temptation killer, I don’t know what is.

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