Are half the Catholic voters bound for hell?

I recently read a piece about deciding on for whom to vote, by a priest (I think) in a Catholic publication and unfortunately cannot remember any of the specifics. He discussed the most important issue facing us, that being the importance of life and candidates’ stands on abortion, being pro-life or pro-choice, etc. He stated that to vote for a candidate who was not pro-life would be a mortal sin.

From surveys we know that the percentage of Catholics who are pro-life and favor the pro-life presidential candidate is only slightly higher than non-Catholics. So nearly half the voting Catholics will commit a mortal sin on election day. Thus any who die after voting and before going to confession will the on the express train to Hell.

I follow the logic, but consider the conclusion a bit harsh since there are so many important and often conflicting factors involved in being the president. My wife, for one, expects to vote for the other guy (no names being permitted here) and does not believe for a second that her choice will condemn her. Thoughts or comments?


I answered a similar question here recently. I encourage you to read the recent questions here. We get similar and identical questions a lot.

October 27, 2012, “Is it wrong for a Catholic to vote for Obama?”

All people have an obligation to inform their consciences regarding the moral choices they make in life. For Catholics to deliberately refuse to inform their consciences with the teachings of the Church or if they deliberately disobey the moral teaching of the Church, they can sin mortally if the choice is a serious one. But if people sincerely follow their consciences, whether their consciences are well informed or through not fault of their own they are not, they do not sin by acting on them.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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