Are having facebook/myspace profiles a good idea?


Are having facebook/myspace profiles a good idea?


I have one. I post pictures for family members to see.

I also keep tabs on my kids and their friends :thumbsup: .


I love my Facebook:D… but the trick is to not add all of the silly applications and only have close friends and family as your “friends”.


Ive got a Facebook and love it!

I do have a question. I have a younger cousin on facebook that I have not added 2 my friends list because he might try to cause problems with my friends (hes that kind of kid) but someone told me once that moraly I should add him just because he is family…is this true?


No thats not true. Why would you have to? I’ve denied add requests from cousins before because I know they’d tell my parents stuff ha ha.:o


I like the Saint of the Day application. Non Catholic friends see it on my page :thumbsup: .


Yes, they are! :smiley: With privacy, of course. Mine are on the strict side, and I add people I know personally, or know through somebody else. Doesn’t mean I add everybody in my classes…I’ve been on FB for 2 years of college and have only 90 something friends :wink:

And Facebook is how this guy and I kept in touch after we met at some scholastic party…began like all other FB friends, but now he’s my first (and very wonderful) boyfriend :slight_smile:

To be honest, and no exaggeration at all, it wouldn’t have happened without Facebook…and God’s wonderful grace :heaven:


Facebook is how I keep in touch with people at college and friends from high school. My profile is private and I only have as friends people who I actually talk to and know in person, aside from select online friends who I have known for years and talked to on the phone, etc.

MySpace I am more leery of, but it is easy to keep that private as well.

They are both wonderful tools for staying in touch when used correctly. :slight_smile:


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