Are hermaphrodites God's mistake?

Obviously God can not make mistakes. So when a hermaphrodite is born the parents often decide on the infant’s gender and the ensuing surgical procedure takes place.
So what if the decision is wrong? Is that person then condemned to a life of homosexual sin or the choice of remaining celibate?

You may like to go to the webpage of the National Catholic Bioethic Center and ask your question of an ethicist. When you receive and answer you could post it on your thread.

If one ignores that God’s creation was perfect, that Mankind was destined to live a life of health and perfection, but that sin changed it all, no they are not God’s mistake, but rather a consequense of original sin.

As to how they should live their lives and if they can have a sexual life as an adult after they have had plastic surgery, and raised as one sex or the other, that I would defer to their confessor or a moral theologian.

My guess would be that if they were assigned one sex or the other and raised as that gender,that they would not be engaging in homosexual acts if they were to participate in marital relations with a spouse of the opposite sex of that which they were raised and sugically assigned.

If one were “assigned” to be a male but had desires toward other males because of the natural design of having been born (also) a female how can this be a sin?

Obviously God can not make mistakes


Creation is filled with mistakes. I am not sure God created a perfect universe with perfect creations…as God is a spiritual being and the humanity may not have been created with intention of being perfect.

So when a hermaphrodite is born the parents often decide on the infant’s gender and the ensuing surgical procedure takes place.

These surgical procedures are not done on infants. These anomalies usually are followed in clinics with observation and consideration for the child as the child grows.

So what if the decision is wrong? Is that person then condemned to a life of homosexual sin or the choice of remaining celibate?

How can you suggest that a decision is wrong? These anomalies are not one thing. These are difficult problems that do not lend themselves to discussion on an internet forum on CAF in particular absent medical knoweldge…and that is based on your posing your questions…

You may consider asking questions.

Are all Hermaphrodites of one type?

When is it a surgical procedure is considered for a Hermaphrodite?

What are the determining factors that are used to make surgical decisions for Hermaphrodites?

Education would be your best bet and dismiss these notions…

If you consider being a Hermaphrodite could be a error in God’s Greater Design, then you should also consider other Errors as well & not just this case… What about people born with Attention deficit disorder & a multitude of mind & body disorders…
I personally believe that God just lets things happen & does not control every little aspect of creation, A bit like being on a big hill and let a billy cart go and see what happens … … ( Very simplistic example I know )
I also think that whatever the problem is, you should just get on with it and don’t dwell to much on issues …
many People born as a Hermaphrodite or any other Disorder do not blame God for making a mistake… they just get on with there life the best they can… others on the other hand blame everything on someone else… it’s no ones fault.

Hermaphrodism is no more a “mistake of God” than other birth defects are. They are all the result of entropy in the growing of a human body.

There is no reason why the sexual system, of all the body’s systems, should alone be free of imperfection.

Mistakes made be families or doctors, or both should never be laid at God’s feet.


Has anyone here actually witnessed the birth of a hermaphrodite? Because I haven’t.

I will grant the fact that strange things vs normal things have happened. Say, for example, people born with so called birth defects.
But the question may not be whether God is right or God is wrong.
The question seems to be, how are you (you as parent, or as pastor, or as a community member, etc.) going to respond?
If you were a parent whose newborn daughter has a birth defect, I imagine that love and responsibility for your daughter’s future have a tremendous bearing on whatever it is you decide. I’d assume a lot of prayer and guidance would be sought.

I did that. Thank you for sharing the link. I can see that this topic is too controversial for this site so I will not post further until I hear from them.

Obviously God can not make mistakes.

and God is truth. Fear of the Lord and respect for the truth is the beginning of Wisdom…

Praise to you to wisely understand that further conversations would generate controversy without clarity. This speaks volumes for sincerity in your posting.

You assume that sexual identity is innate, it is not. Everything has a purpose.

Here is his reply, although it does not address the “human” error that can occur by “choosing” the wrong sex for the child.

It is no sin to have sex with a member of the opposite sex under the bonds of marriage.

Presuming that one can establish one’s predominant natural gender, that person would be free to enter into marriage with anyone of the opposite sex. Whatever was done with the external organs through surgery would be irrelevant.

Edward J. Furton, M.A., Ph.D.

Ethicist and Director of Publications

The National Catholic Bioethics Center

Sorry wrong post.

This is the reply I received back from them:

You are dealing in matters of “sin,” which is not the area in which we deal. We deal in medical ethics and what constitutes a moral act. The element of sin is a matter with a confessor, since the degree of culpability depends on a number of factors dealing with understanding, consent, sufficient reflection, etc.

That being said, sexual attraction is never a sin. Behavior that is against natural moral law is what constitutes (objectively) sin.

Your question is too general to be answered by us, and does not relate to objective morality. We do not know the chromosomal makeup of the person in question, what kind of treatments (hormonal and surgical) have been done that impact attraction and then behavior? What do you mean by hermaphrodite - ambiguous external genitalia, but with ovaries or testes? Or are both sets of sex organs there (very rare), etc.?

There is just not enough information to respond. But one thing is for sure. Sexual attraction is not a sin. Sexual morality deals in behaviors.

There is a physician who addresses such issues, Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons:
100 4 Falls Corporate Ctr
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