Are high school dances appropriate?


I am a high school student and I enjoy going to the dances. The only problem is that the music that they play there is not what I would call “moral” music. Many of the lyrics are not appropriate. Am I sinning by going to these dances? Or does it not matter what music they play?


Yes, of course, the music played at these events “matters,” in the sense that some music can be extremely inappropriate for teenage dances. Sometimes it is not the lyrics that are the problem but the melody because the melody can suggest dancing inappropriate for teenagers. For example, Bryan Adams’ song “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?” (lyrics) is a beautiful song, but inappropriate for high school dances because the melody encourages highly-intimate dancing.

This does not mean that it is inappropriate to go to high school dances though. If music is played that you feel is inappropriate for you to dance to, it is fine to sit out that song. You can use the time to get refreshments or for socializing.

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