Are Holy Men and Women of the Old Testament Considered Saints?


“So to answer the question, yes, holy individuals in the Old Testament are considered saints and because they are thought to be in the eternal embrace of God, Catholics are able to pray to them for their intercession.”


YES, with SMALL “s” saints

Saints [capitol “S:”] are those identified and verified by the Power of the Key’s to have passed the scrutinities demanded by the authority of the Key’s {Mt 16:18-20]


Per the article, some of those include Old Testament figures, and their feast days used to be celebrated on the calendar. I know, for instance, that the feast of Adam and Eve is December 24th.



The formal canonization process didn’t begin until the 10th century.
Certainly St Michael, St Raphael, even the Evangelists int he NT are considered Saints with a capital S ( what ever that means :rolleyes:)

The holy ones in the Scriptures who were acclaimed by the people were retained as Saints. It would be hard to relegate Moses and Elijah to a lower case status. :confused:
Imagine if Sts. Anna & Joachim had to be “re-canonized”. Canonization does not “make” a person a saint; it recognizes what God has already done.


CapitAl. CapitOl is a building.

But contrary to your assertion, they are indeed capital S Saints. They are inscribed in the Roman Martyrology with their respective feast dates, and in certain circles, they are celebrated (e.g. St. Elijah, Prophet, is a Feast on the Carmelite calendar).


thank you!


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