Are Horror movies doorways to possession?


Hello everyone,
I am currently reading Salem’s Lot and have just purchased the DVD of the movie. I have seen the movie before and also read the book before, I find it a very good story, the question is, am I leaving myself open to demonic influences?. I have just finished reading about a case of possession in Iowa U.S.A., and it set me thinking, I have a strong faith so should I be worried?. Thanks in advance for any replies,
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If one has a strong faith, what does one possibly have to be worried about? Stephen King is a fun author to read, but I would dare say he’s far from being the expressway to demonic possession. You say you’ve read the book and picked up the movie…perhaps reflect upon what in the story you find so intriguing and see if that thing (or those things) orient you towards God or something else.


Mate, I think you are worrying waaaay too much. :slight_smile: Horror movies are great fun to watch but they don’t open a doorway to alien attention. The only thing wrong with horror movies unfortunately is that most of them are pointless rubbish, so I therefore rather read good horror novels. I tend to walk out of a lot of horror movies asking myself why I just wasted my time and money, rather than feeling in the grip of Old Nick. :wink:

I think Stephen King is great though and Salem’s Lot is one of his best; still haven’t watched the film adaptations though. :o You should pick up The Dark Tower series as well, because Salem’s Lot ties into it, as well as it just being f#$%ing cool! :cool:


Depending on your attitude, almost anything can leave you open to the influences of evil and of Satan, especially excessive fear.


I cut my eye teeth on horror movies- mom was a big horror fan. At 57 if I ain’t possessed nowI’ll never be.Be at peace- too many horrors in the real world that can lead you to evil, why worry about unreal ones?:shrug:


my safest bet is to actually check up on what good exorcists would say. i have no idea what that would be, though. but i have heard them stress that harry potter and twilight are spiritually endangering to kids…

sorry, no sources on that right now. but i’m sure the information is out there…


Tell that to the young boy back in the 1950’s who was playing with a wegee board and was possessed by a demonic spirit, he is the kid they based the move the exorcist on and you can check it out with a google search also the History Channel and A& E have done specials on the movie and the priest and the author of the book , so I guess you could say it is VERY possible but that may be on an individual basis , actually any thing involved with the Ocult is an open door to demons despite what hollywood tells us or those that are non believers


Ouijai boards are different from movies or books.As for being open to possesion , most exorcists believe that an invitation or opening has to be given in your lifestyle, your thoughts and your deeds that do not line up with the Gospel.If you live a godly life, the chances of a book or movie bedeviling you is nil.


If they are I would be the most possessed person in the History of mankind. I LOVE horror movies and Horror books.

I beleive that “Salems Lot” is the best Horror Book ever written followed closely by the “Excorcist”


Vincent Price who is one of the greatest horror movie stars, became Catholic in his later years,

I think if the horror movies makes us fear evil and cling to God then it’s a good thing. BUT if they glorify evil and downplay the power of God then it’s a bad thing.

Anything that makes evil appear attractive or less evil is wrong. Anything that mocks God or makes goodness appear impotent or mocks the power of His Church is a bad thing.

As terrifying as the movie “the Exorcist” was :eek:, I bet a whole lot of folks considered praying or going back to Chuch or to confession after that one. :smiley:


I have my DVR set up to automatically record any Vincent Price Movie that comes on any of the channels i subscribe to. the other day it recorded the “Song of Bernadette”. Vincent Pprice has a major role in this movie. My wife is a convert and marian devotion seems to be one of the things many converts have a hard time with. This movie left her in awe-so much so that we agoing to be watchng the mirqacle of lourdes tmorrow night. she is even talking about praying the rosary with me!



I have never heard of someone becoming possessed as a result of watching horror movies. I have, however, heard of a number of cases of people who are already experiencing some demonic harassment (an oppression, for example) who developed more problems after seeing the movie, The Exorcist. That one in particular really seems to stir demons up.

When it comes to movies, books, or any entertainment, I think its wise to live by the standard St. Paul set forth in Philippians 4:8 -

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

If what you’re viewing doesn’t pass this test, it’s probably not worth watching.


I agree with beckymarie. I’ve never been a fan of horror movies :nope: and personally, I can’t understand the “entertainment” aspect that many people seem to derive from being shocked, horrified, grossed out, frightened or emotionally disturbed.

Seek out “whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious” and the good and beauty of God’s world.

My humble opinion. God bless.


When “The Exorcist” first came out it did frighten and shock a lot of people who had never thought about demonic possession before. It’s worth noting that in the end, both in the novel and in the film, “The Exorcist” is a story of faith triumphant over evil and of the power of love to overcome fear, guilt and confusion.


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