Are impure thoughts always sinful?

Are small impure thoughts always sinful? are impure thoughts sinful when you imagine yourself married? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I would say that they’re probably not sinful if you’re not actively engaging in unpure thoughts. Otherwise could be considered lust, depending on the type of thoughts.

Thoughts that are not deliberately invited are not sinful. Thoughts contrary to purity that one desires not to have and which one does not deliberately take any pleasure in are not sinful.

If one imagines oneself married and involved in a conjugal relationship in marriage in the imagination, this *could *be sinful.
We need to remember that our sexual identity is a very powerful human instinct and at different ages is more pressing than at other ages. “Full consent” can involve many factors which may lessen or even eliminate “full consent” as understood in Catholic moral theology.

If one is in doubt about what is or is not sinful, the best thing to do is to ask a priest and this can be done in Confession also. Having asked a priest and received an answer, try not to second guess him and get advice elsewhere as this can confuse the matter for oneself. If Father’s answer is not clear, then go back to him and have it clarified.

Satan will tempt you with the thoughts; you must then rebuke him and ignore them, put them out of mind. If you do not ignore them, and then entertain those thoughts, you are committing the sin of lust.

Jesus said, “I say to you, everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 9:28)

The Catholic Church teaches that Lust is the disordered desire for or inordinate enjoyment of sexual pleasure. It is disordered because sexual pleasure must not be isolated from its true, natural place: within the Sacrament of Matrimony that is ordered to procreation of children and a unifying love between husband and wife (CCC 2351). Lust, a sin and vice of the flesh, is often a difficult vice to overcome. Human weakness of will and lack of conformity to God is a result of the fall of mankind that causes a disorder between soul and body (called concupiscence) which is often manifested in lust. Yet, lust is a sin that can be overcome through prayer and grace through the Christian sacraments. Christ wills that we overcome lust and replace it with Christian love and purity of heart (Matthew 9:28). “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God” (Matthew 5:8).

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Thanks Deus Salus Nostra and everyone! You’ve been very helpful :smiley: God Bless! :slight_smile:

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