Are Independent Baptist and Independent Fundamentalist Baptist the same?

I have a friend who says she is Independent Baptist and I asked if that is the same as Independent Fundamentalist Baptist and she said she didn’t know. Can someone answer this?

Former IFB here.
Yes they generally are the same.
Yet how “fundamental” they are depends on their associations with certain ‘fundamentalist’ colleges.
There are three basic types of fundamentalist baptists:

  1. The Jerry Falwel, Liberty University variety.
    I attended LU and can safely say they are the most reasonable kind (that may shock some people). They would fit into the " ‘New Evangelicals’ Billy Graham, Charles Colson, James Dobson" types. Hard-core fundamentalists do not consider them to be fundamentalists (for a variety of reasons I will not bore you with explaining, not the least of which is that they (GASP) use modern english versions of the Bible.

  2. The Bob Jones University variety.
    They range from Calvinist to Arminian in theology. They tend to be more intellectual, but very elitist and racist. Their numbers are dwindling however, Two pastors I sat under were from BJU.

  3. The Hyles-Anderson College, KJV-only variety.
    These are the wide-eyed fanatics. These are the haters. Very anti-intellectual, cultic, abrasive, paranoid…I could go on, but you get the picture. The third group I have encountered, even preached in a few of their churches, but I avoided them.

I am not sure if women have any roles in her church whatsoever other than perhaps singing in a choir or teaching Sunday school. It seems it is a male dominated church. I think my friend’s husband even screens her emails before she reads them so I am carefful not to put too much Catholic information. It is definitely a KJV only church. My friend was a Mennonite Brethern before she got married and became a Baptist like her husband. They told her she had to be baptized again. She definitely is very opinionated on certain things, but I don’t know about charity. I have known her for many many years, but since they moved to Oklahoma and joined a new church it seems to be more strict. She had always been a strong Christian though with Jesus at the center of her life.

She needs to run, not walk away from that “church”, seriously.

Here is what I was taught by fundamental Baptists:
There are two major distinctives of Fundamentalist Baptists compared to other Independent Fundamental Baptists. “Biblical Separation” and “Militancy”.
“Biblical Separation” refers to the separation of Fundamentalist Baptists from all other religious groups, “Militancy” is the idea that Fundamentalist Baptists are always to be “light” and “salt” and are not be afraid of speaking out against sin and for Christ, even if persecution results from delivering such “light” and “salt” to a Jesus-rejecting and Bible-rejecting world.
This is what I was taught while among them.

She won’t as long as her husband is living. I am wondering how she will be treated in that church as a widow. She has asked some questions about the Catholic church. She wanted to know what you do to become Catholic - if the Church would recognize her baptism. I try to plant seeds, but she is the devoted wife and homemaker. We were talking yesterday on the phone and I asked if she was an Independent Baptist or an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist and she was kund of fumbling around for the right answer then I heard her husband in the background and suddenly she could no longer talk.
So I was wondering if there is just an Independent Baptist or if they are all fundamentalists. Her husband is 7 years older than her.

Is she young or older? How long has she been married? Is this her second marriage?
I don’t want to pry, but I know how these cults operate. She sounds like an abused woman.

She is 62 and this is her first marriage. She has been married about 23 years or so and they have one son. I don’t believe he had a previous marriage. She sounds happy. She homeschooled her son who is 20 now. I speak to her about once a week and have for about 18 years. She has a strong faith.

Alarm bells should go off when you learn a woman is having her emails “screened” and ends conversations when hubby enters the room.
Extreme IFB churches are very controlling, cultish, and abusive.

I don’t know for a fact, I have suspicions about the emails. We used to email frequently and the last year or two rarely. She stopped answering some of my emails. Maybe they were too Catholic. I had sent her a copy of one of my Magnificats and a hymnal because her husband sometimes played the guitar and sang in the church.
I think her husband more than likely was in the same room when she was talking on the phone and decided it was time to end the call when we got to religion. The men seem to have all the power.

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