Are jeans acceptable attire for Mass?

I have never worn jeans to mass, but I see it all the time. Is it okay to wear jeans, or is it not a good idea?

There’s nothing wrong with wearing jeans to Mass provided they are neat and clean with no holes or tears. Even St. Peter’s in the Vatican, which has a very strict dress code, permits women to wear jeans. However, your decision to wear jeans should not be based on what “everyone else is doing”; rather, it should be based on what God is calling you to do.

Consider the thoughts of Anthony Cardinal Bevilacque:

“When you go to Mass, remember to dress appropriately and respectfully, whether you are at home or at the seashore or in the mountains. Many people are less concerned today about “dressing up” for work and school, but we should avoid dressing too casually for God’s house. Yes, God accepts us as we are, but the church is a sacred space where God Himself is sacramentally present. “
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