Are "Jedi mind tricks"(mind control) logically possible?

I’m sure most of you have seen the famous scenes from Star Wars where the Jedi characters run into some person who is preventing them from entering a location. The Jedi will wave their hand and say “You will let us in.”, and then the person lets them in with no hesitation, even though what they are doing is completely against their will.

Would something like that be possible? where someone is controlling every thought and intention we have to the point where we think it is us controlling what we do when we really aren’t?

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I opened this hoping for a meme! @Cruciferi




It’s gonna take more than that to make me watch Episode I and II



Brain-washing is a thing. But not Jedi Mind Tricks.

Cruciferi. :angry:


Indeed. I have… witnessed it. Yet, most will deny its general possibility due to fear of its specific possibility.

Are they KrisPy creme donuts and chilli beer?

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Repeat after me…Star Wars is not real…

Reality always supersedes fiction.

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Every kind imaginable!


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Surely you will defer to their wisdom in the matter.

So memes and everything aside, no one has stated WHY this wouldn’t be possible. I’m not talking about the Star Wars aspect, I’m talking about the ability for someone to have their will completely controlled by someone else.

What’s Dairy Queen.

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Alas the folly of today’s millennials.

Ben you really are opening this up to a meme fest !

The government would be all over this if it were real…

It’s possible to cause somebody to remember a murder they never commit, so I believe it’s possible to do something along the lines of what the OP asked.

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