Are Jews waiting for a Savior?

I believe I read that at one time that all Jews were waiting for a Messiah or savior.Ive read also that Jews no longer believe that an earthly savior will come.Which is it?Do the very few orthodox Jews still believe that a savior will return?Do the majority of Jews believe that the savior will be in heaven but will not return ?Now ive heard all this talk about the Messiah had come and there has been many Messiah but do they believe in this one true Messiah which will set up the Jews as God’s kingdom on earth?

Orthodox (the most religious) Jews believe in the coming of a Messiah.

Conservative and Reform Jews do not.

Your second statement is not entirely correct. Orthodox Jews do believe in the coming of the Messiah on Earth (not thought of as a Savior, however, in the sense of absolution from original sin), at which time all nations will live in peace and realize the truth of the Torah Law. They will not be required to convert to Judaism, however. Conservative Jews also believe in the Messiah on Earth. Reform Jews are divided: some do believe, while others do not. The idea of an earthly Messiah who will bring peace to the world is one of Maimonides’ Thirteen Principles of the Jewish Faith.

Yes, the Jews are still waiting for CHrist to come

I remember a discussion with a Jew using the name of Ben Masada, who believe that the coming of the Messiah was in the form of the establishment of the modern state of Israel in 1947.

Having been raised as a practicing Orthodox Jew, I was naturally more familiar with their beliefs. I had read that reform, conservative and reconstructionists believe in a “messianic age”, not so much a personal Mashiach. Not sure what “Jewish Renewal” believes.

Most Conservative Jews I know are quite traditional regarding such beliefs as the Messiah. The Reconstructionists, who broke off from Conservative Judaism, may be more similar to Reform Jews, interested in halacha mainly from a cultural viewpoint, and also divided regarding the Messiah. The Jewish Renewal movement is the newest division of Judaism, and they seem to me more spiritual than religious, although they advocate adherence to certain laws such as kashrut, probably not in its entirety, and Shabbat. They also are interested in building bridges between Jews and between faiths. There is also the Humanistic Jewish movement, an extension of Reform Judaism, which is probably the most liberal division. They most likely do not believe in either a Messiah or a Messianic Age.

Jewish people believe that the messiah has not come yet, Christians (including Roman Catholics) believe that messiah has come and will come again, and the messiah is Jesus Christ. That’s the main difference between Judaism and Christianity, along with a few other things.

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“I am come in the name of my Father, and you receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him you will receive”. John 5:43 The Jews who don’t recognize Jesus (the true Messiah) as Messiah will recognize as Messiah he who is not the Messiah.

I believe that in the time before Christ almost if not all Jews believe in a coming Messiah.Why is it that so Jews today still believe?

Does the time span cause any consternation?I mean do they wonder why its taking so long?When previous promises where made they came about usually within their lives times a maybe a hundred years or so.

Are you implying that many Jews don’t know who or what to expect?That they have no clue as to whether he is to be a man born of woman,or a Messiah coming down from the skies.

For Messiah from a Jewish perspective - there’s Jewish Virtual Library, Judaism 101, and My Jewish Learning. You might also find this Simple To Remember page helpful.

Hasn’t that been a change of opinion?Wasn’t it understood almost exclusively that a Messiah would be a man who would bring justice for the Jews and peace to the world?Im referring to the period before Christ.

I clicked on your last link and it states that their purpose is “not to disparage other religions” then they list all the reasons they think Jesus does not qualify as Messiah, thus is a fraud (how do you call someone who is not what he claims to be?) in their eyes. “We respect you and your Faith, but here are ten reasons we think the founder of your religion (and the object of your worship) is a fraud”.

So, what you’re saying is that it’s best that nobody gives any reasons for not believing what others believe because it may offend?

Seems reasonable, certainly if it would bring an end to evangelism - because evangelism carries an implication that there’s something wrong with what somebody else believes…

Kaninchen, Jesus said he was the son of God and that he was the Messiah who had been prophesied in the Old Testament. Do you yourself believe he told the truth with regard to these two statements? If not, that makes him a liar in your eyes. You must find it extremely peculiar that millions of people over the course of two millenia have entrusted their lives and eternal fates to a liar. However way you cut it, a Jew who denies Jesus was Messiah disparages my Faith and the founder of my Faith. John 5:43 said it best.

So, not accepting the beliefs of others is disparaging their beliefs? Or is it a unique thing? Is it only not accepting Christian beliefs that’s disparaging but not disparaging in the case of Christians not accepting Jewish/Muslim/Hindu/Buddhist/Whatever beliefs?

What is your recommendation as to what a Jewish poster (say) has to do when asked, as happens with remarkable frequency, why we don’t believe in Jesus? Should we not answer? Should we say ‘I’m sorry but answering that question might possibly offend some readers?’ Should we say ‘In order not to be disparaging, this question can only be answered by Christian commentators?’

What many people do not understand is the formation of the Jewish Bible. Although I still have a great deal to learn and understand about the Jewish faith, as a Christian I respect them for being founded by the one true God. They were the faith which the Messiah was to come from. The Jewish Law and the Prophets (which make up our Old Testament) are to be respected and followed by those of us who profess to be Christians. (we believe, however, that most of the prophesies have now been fulfilled through Jesus Christ.)

The canon of the Jewish Bible was not formally closed until aprox 90ad. (if I have that correct?) Before this, however, there were several versions of Jewish texts. There was the Septuagint (which Catholics and all of the early Christians followed) and the Masoretic text, plus others. After Christ was crucified, died and was buried (and rose again and ascended into Heaven if you are Christian). You had the Jews that followed Jesus as the Messiah and you had the Jews that didn’t accept Him as the Messiah. There were many books in the Septuagint that indicated that Jesus was, in fact, the Messiah (especially in the Prophetic books.) This created a problem for the Jewish faith. Because of this it was decided that they should take a look at the ancient Prophetic books. They choose to use only those that met certain standards (such as being originally written in Hebrew), thus throwing out most of the books that could be used to verify Jesus as the Messiah. This is where the Protestants get their Old Testament and why there remain “disputed” books between the Catholic and Protestant Old Testaments. The Catholic Church continued to use the ORIGINAL Old Testament books (from the Septuagint) and choose to reaffirm this decision again and again, finally formally closing our canon. (It has never been that books were added to the Catholic version of the Bible, but that the Catholic church only needed to keep reaffirming our faith in the original books of the Bible every time another split took place.)

If you are a Christian, than you will find in your Bible, in the New Testament, that God closed up the ears & eyes of the Jews that choose to deny Christ, and will continue to keep them closed until the “time of the Gentiles” is fulfilled. It is at this time, when the full number of Gentiles will have come into the faith, that God will open the eyes and ears of our Jewish brethren and allow them to truly see that Jesus Christ was in fact the prophesied messiah and then they will accept and come to the faith also.

Currently there is word that many many Jews are converting to Christianity. Is this an indication that the full number of the Gentiles has come to the faith? Is it an indication that we are living in the end time? Perhaps. We should stay alert and watch. For my Jewish brothers and sisters, I only pray that you will investigate the original prophesies and read about what Christ did and why He fulfilled ALL of the Jewish prophesies concerning the Messiah. The probability of this happening with one man are so low as to be virtually impossible, unless it were a miracle of God, and Jesus was, in fact, the long awaited Messiah. I find that most Jews are not even aware of everything that Jesus did. Jesus is a Historic figure and there is a huge amount of evidence indicating that He truly lived and these things truly took place. There is evidence by non-Christians of the ancient times also.

Despite there being less evidence left in the Protestant Old Testament to prove Jesus is the Messiah, it is still there.

All I can say is that I can only imagine the problem that a faithful Jew would have in this day and age. If you are faithful to your law and your prophets and the belief that Jesus was not the Messiah, then to consider the possibility could be seen as blasphemous. That being said, if Jesus is truly the Messiah and you don’t investigate the evidence then you would be guilty of denying the Holy One of Israel! Also, a terrible thing. Then there is also the issues with your families if you do convert. Not an easy choice.

That being said, here is what I would suggest. Pray to the Almighty. Ask Him for the Truth and to show you the way. We are only to search for the Truth and the Way. Read what you can and let the Almighty speak to your heart. He will know your heart and how sincerely you wish to serve and follow Him. He will never abandoned any of His children that wish to know the truth. Keep searching. Keep asking.

I will pray for you all and I ask that you pray for me also. In peace.:gopray2:

Is that we Jews don’t spend our lives busily finding ways not to believe in Jesus and that the preoccupation of Judaism isn’t “let’s not believe in Jesus.”

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