Are legal substsances wrong?

I drink alot of caffeine(not addicted) and wondered if this is sinful, its not an addiction at all but I started to question if it is “ok” to have my morning coffee/ evening pepsi

I doubt it’s wrong, as long as it’s not excessive.

No it is not sinful. What is sinful is over indulgence which includes food.

Thanks to all for clearing this up- God Bless You

Hi T,

It’s good that you are questioning things. :slight_smile:

Too much of anything can be a bad thing.

When something is excessive, that’s when it is bad.

T, if you don’t already have a copy, you might find it helpful to get a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church to have as a reference while you are studying the faith. :slight_smile:

I have had one for years and I find it helpful to have on hand as a reference.

I drink alot of coffee so if it is a sin… yikes. Part of my family is non-catholic protestant and they think everything is a sin which is not (to me), like drinking a beer or glass of wine. Not sure why anyone would think drinking a glass of wine is a sin or caffeine? We are grown ups and have the ability to examine ourselves to know if we are breaking God’s laws… other posters have said better than I about how to examine oneself but in no way is this self examination include drinking some coffee in the morning.

My priest said to me one day when I saw him at a restaurant and I had a glass of beer in front of me “drink your beer son, you earned it…” Of course, he is a nice Irish lad so…

Falling down drunk affects the family and community… too much caffeine I haven’t seen as a problem. “Drink your pepsi, you earned it” is what the good Father would say.

Nothing is wrong with consuming caffeine. It is stimulant and does not intoxicate you. If you consume something to become intoxicated then that is wrong.

While Methodists have no issue with caffine we don’t view liquor favorably at all we use juice for communion, I questioned caffine here as Catholics are more conservative

I do believe that those of you who think the ingestion of Coffee or soda pop that contains caffeine is sinfull are falling prey to the old Puritanical adage that: “if something is fun or pleasurable, it must be sinful”!
This is definately not Catholic thinking.
Use a little common sense. Even the consumption of Alcohol is not sinful if it is not consumed with the intent of intoxication.Other intoxicants, such as marijuana for example, are occasions of sin, in that there is no way they can be consumed without becoming intoxicated.
However, one must realize that the over consumption of any comestible, especially sweets can, in many cases, be sinful.

I’ll be sure to get that next trip to “BAM”( yep BAM’s actually a store now, have we run out of names that are not interjections?)

How on earth can they think drinking a glass of wine is wrong when Jesus had wine…even miraculously created it?!

Hi MonikaBarbara,

I do believe that there may be some Christian denominations who do not believe in drinking alcohol at all, outside of taking it in communion.

Im Methodist and we believe drinking is wrong normally, in practice nobody follows this but John Wesley believed that and it became a rule(but for some reason he drank beer)

I believe they believe it has something to do with the bible where it says something to the effect “do not cause your brother to stumble or sin” and “do not be drunk with wine.” Both are legit concerns but what I love about the Catholic faith is we can examine ourselves against the 10 commandments, Jesus’ teaching to love our God and our neighbor, etc and then go to confession if we fall short. I also love the fact that we delineate between a mortal and venial sin.

I love beer, I love all pork products, I love caffeine and nothing in my catechism says it’s a sin, my priest does not say its a sin so as a Catholic I don’t have to sit around and worry about it.

I think what is important for me is that Jesus wants our hearts to be converted for him, not so much what we put into our body but what comes out of our hearts.

Yes, in fact Methodists are one of them and we substitute Grape Juice in communion

The thing is though this is preached but not practiced, John Wesley had an occasional beer and we serve wine at weddings!

Ive never read it but it would not shock me if the phrase “if something is fun or pleasurable it must be sinful” were the opening line of the book of morman, or if the Amish made t-shirts with that on the front.

No this is not sinful. Food and drink become sinful when they are excessive as in glutony.

Thanks to all answered, its good to know rights and wrongs. God bless all of you

U 2!

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