Are LGBT people welcome in the Catholic faith?


I thought it was the other way around: all sexual acts consummated outside of the vagina are considered contraceptive, because it is inherently opposed to procreation.

Sodomy would, then, be a subset of contraceptive acts on the grounds that both people “consummating” it are consummating with an invalid candidate.

Either way, it seems we’re both saying sodomy and contraception, to some degree, are different, but prevent the same thing: valid sexual relations.


Hi, I think that ANY sexual relationship which precludes
procreation and unification is a perversion of the natural
order ordained by a loving God. When I was younger, I
was told that I can choose whatever suits me(My parents
were nominal Protestant, who didn’t attend church reg-
ularly) So I got into accepting a lot of the perversions that
are stumbling blocks to my spiritual/Christian walk, like
transsexualism, that’s one of the major “bad” things to
fantasize about!


I think in legal terms, sodomy is only anal sex. I certainly have never thought of oral sex as sodomy. Very odd.:confused:


You are very welcome ashtonh2001!

What questions do you have?


In Catholic theology it is both, in most legal jurisdictions it is both.


This is the best post I have read on this topic in a long time. :thumbsup:


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