Are mandaeans allowed to marry Catholics ?

Is it ok for a mandaean to marry a catholic ?
Is it ok for a catholic to marry a mandaean ?

Are there any rules or regulations that say they can’t be together or that would stop them being together ?

The mandaeans are a nonChristian gnostic sect that accepts and reveres some Old Testament figures up to and including John the Baptist but they reject most Old Testament prophets as false prophets and reject Jesus as a false messiah.

As with all marriages between a Catholic and a nonChristian there will be some tension when it comes to faith and religion due to the great differences between the two faiths. However it is not insurmountable for every couple.

The canons that regulate marriage between a Catholic and a nonbaptized person would be pertinent to this situation. A dispensation is required and the Catholic party must promise to remain Catholic and do their best to raise the children Catholic.

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