Are many people practicing Catholic in the world today? My boyfriend is Catholic

I have a cohabitant who is Catholic. He’s from the Czech Republic. He has not wanted to have sex for a long time. I suspect it’s because of religion. I come from Norway. I was at a Norwegian forum where people say he can’t love me. And that he must be gay. For they believe that there is a very few people on earth who practices Catholicism in his age today. He is over 40 years old. Is this the case? Is the Czech Republic a country where it is common to be Catholic without practicing it?

Contrary to popular belief, there are still people who follow Church Teaching.

This is something that you should be asking your boyfriend.


Is this the same boyfriend? If so, have you not discussed any of this with him directly?


The answer is the same as the other times you have asked it.

Marital relations outside of a valid marriage is a sin.

This answer is not going to change.


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