Are Mary and Joseph married in heaven?


I know we aren’t married in heaven but I didn’t know if the rules are different when it comes to Queen of Heaven and Earth and Saint Joseph?


Well, since they were both human, created creatures, I would think the bond of marriage ended at death.


Never really thought about this before now. They are still the Holy Family, no?


No. Marriage is for this earthly life. It ends at death.


But they are the Holy Family. Is it not possible they remain so in Heaven?


Marriage lasts until death. St. Joseph died, so their marriage ended. Why should their marriage last longer than that?


I would like to think we are all Holy Families…but marriage for all humans ends at death as others have said.


During the Eucharistic Prayer is said Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God and Joseph her Spouse. So we are praying during the sacrifice of the Mass that they are married, in heaven the way it is worded. This was actually the first thing that made me wonder about this.

I would say some could argue its like in the Bible where Christ says God isn’t the God of the dead. The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. They are not dead.


No. The bond of marriage is broken at death and there is no marriage in Heaven.


No one in Heaven is married, and everyone there is one big family. I have however read that our loved ones on earth will continue to be special to us in Heaven assuming we see them there.


He was her most chaste spouse on earth. That’s what it refers to.


Where in those words does it say “is” her spouse? Nowhere do those words imply that he is currently her spouse. Joseph was her spouse, that is correct.

That’s not that verse means. Otherwise there is no death at all. St. Joseph, while second in holiness to Mary, still sinned, and the penalty for sin is death. Their souls are immortal and can’t die, sure, but St. Joseph is currently dead.


It says with Blessed Joseph her Spouse. It isn’t saying was her spouse, it’s implying the Saints in heaven can still intercede for us and it clearly refers to Joseph as her Spouse in the present form, as in right now. Not Blessed Joseph her Spouse while on earth.


So Saint Joseph is dead, then why do we pray to him in the Eucharistic Prayer? Idk Pope John XXlll was the one who added that, it sure makes it sound like hes married to Mary in heaven during the Eucharistic Prayer.


Because he’s a Saint in Heaven whose intercession is powerful, as he knows Our Lord almost as well as Our Lady does, and also knows her very well as well.

There is nothing in there that states he is currently her spouse. It would be a violation of Church teaching to say that he is still married to her in Heaven, which would be ridiculous to then insert into a Eucharistic prayer.


We have apparitions where they have appeared as the Holy Family, that much is certain. Our Lady of Knock for one. Maybe at Fatima too?

Edit on: When I first saw this, I was really intrigued. It would be a good question to ask some of the “experts” I would think. Perhaps, they would just say what others have said here, a marriage is an earthly institute.


The Life and Glories of St. Joseph by Edward Healy Thompson I think said they are still married. He also says Joseph never committed a single intentional sin, not even venial, and the the only “sin” he had was a few moments of Original Sin before the Holy Spirit “baptized” him in the womb.

The book also has good arguments for why Joseph never thought Mary had comitted infidelity, but wanted to divorce her because he did not think he was worthy to live in the same home as the Mother of God and God Himself. Also that Jesus formed his earthly body to look similar to Joseph’s so that no scandal would arise in his early years, and this is why people thought it was obvious that Jesus was Joseph’s son.

Also that Jesus still calls Joseph “father” in Heaven.


It would be nice to think we could stay married in heaven but I am just comforted by the the fact our relationships will be a million times even better, and with everyone


You are being overly legalistic and literal in your approach to the words of a prayer.
For the last time, no one is married in heaven. No one. Marriage is “till death do you part”. Period, final.


They will always be the Holy Family. But no, they are NOT married in Heaven.

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