Are matthew mark luke and john prophets?


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Are matthew mark luke and john prophets ?


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I’ve never thought of this before. Of course, the definition of ‘prophet’ is crucial. If prophecy must involve prediction, I suppose not. But I’ve heard that prophets “speak truth to power” and that seems to imply: yes.

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Yes, but the Evangelists are generally not called that. Matthew and John were Apostles, outranking prophets. Mark and Luke were “apostolic men,” very close to the Apostles Peter and Paul.


It depends on the definition of a prophet, as svid2 mentioned.

The scholars I have studied (in seminary) seem to have a general consensus that the primary qualification for a prophet (Hebrew, nabi) is to be a spokesman. Note that Aaron is given to Moses in Exodus 4:10-16 to be his “mouth”–to have the same role for Moses as a prophet does for God.

In that sense, the Evangelists are like prophets of Jesus Christ–because they tell the story of Jesus, speaking the word that Jesus taught. They are not quite the same, because they do not go beyond what Jesus taught. But then Jesus himself could say all that was necessary over the course of his ministry and life among us.


Based on my definition, no. The prophets foretold the coming of Christ. Sts Matthew, Mark, Luke & John were Apostles, just like Sts Peter, Paul, James, Philip, etc. The Apostles taught and spread the Word of Christ.


A “prophet” is someone chosen to speak for God. The word is derived from a Latin phrase meaning “speak for.” It has nothing to do with foretelling the future, which prophets cannot do (they can only say what God has revealed to them, and speak for God).

If we believe that the Gospels (or, indeed, all of Scripture) is divinely inspired then the persons who spoke for God on those pages can rightfully be called prophets.


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