Are modern Cinema Atmospheres delibratly hypnotic

As I was sitting watching “Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen” I realized I don’t really like the modern day cinemas. The design of the cinema is no longer a “comfortable” atmosphere that in past times appears to have been the case.

I found the cinema was really really cold, an atmosphere I didn’t really like. It was very “hypnotic”. I have been to many cinemas including historic cinemas and Art house cinemas, and the more “modern” the cinema, the more cold and dark it seems to be in the theaters.


I don’t really like the feeling of modern movie houses these days.

Am I the only one?

I hate that it’s always so darn cold in the movie theaters. I always have to bring a jacket, and as for a cold drink–no way–just too cold.

I also hate the prices. A matinee now costs more than a regular showing would be when I was a kid. Ridiculous.

And then the smell of popcorn, which almost forces you to buy a tub–with all that salty fake butter topping…

Well, this is a list of my irritation about theaters, not exactly on topic. If a theater were to be “hypnotic,” they would have to work at making me more comfortable. Can you elaborate about the “hypnotic” quality? I’m not hypnotised at all–except, maybe, by the popcorn…

Well the seats are definitely more comfortable and better for viewing the movie now. When I was a kid it was hard to see over people’s heads. Now, if I were a kid I wouldn’t have that problem the way the seats are made.

The dollar theaters are still old style and I definitely prefer the modern seats.

However, I agree that prics are way too expensive. I am only 24 but as the above poster mentioned, the matine price is the same as what I remember my dad paying for an adult ticket. Kids tickets, if I remember, were between 3 and 4 bucks.

I try to only go to the dollar theater or go on a Tuesday, when the price is only $6 all day. Of course, if it is a movie with a group of friends, I’m stuck paying the student price of $8.50, and even that is cheap compared to what I sometimes have to pay.

I think tickets are getting way too expensive. Plus, it’s very chilly in most theaters. I haven’t noticed much else, though. I’ll have to pay closer attention next time I’m there.

I actually like the fact that the theatres are chilly. I generally prefer my surroundings to be below 20 degrees C (or 68 F). Altho’ even people who aren’t polar bears like myself appreciate the chill when the movie house is packed with breathing, sweating, heat-radiating people and without the full-on AC the temp would hover around a 30 humidex.

The seats are very comfy, too – one of the few seats or chairs I ever sat in that I can lean my head back on (I have a tall body but short legs). And given that there are “two” front rows (an actual front row at the foot of the screen and another at the actual level of the theatre entrance), I sit in the second and can stretch my legs out.

Popcorn? One of the modern theatres I was in lately used real butter (I don’t partake, only because I got used to “dry” popcorn back when I counted calories). I still usually get a Coke in the “bladder-buster” size.

I was in a refurbished retro theatre in around Kinmount, Ontario. The owner built his own cineplex using screens, decorations, seats, projectors, etc all salvaged from old theatres.* One of the theatres had wrought-iron armrests on the wood seats, and the seats actually reclined back about 30 degrees or so. They were actually more comfortable than the padded small seats that were in vogue in the 70s/80s before they brought in the “Enterprise D” seats in the big theatres.

*I helped move and transport some of those beastly projectors. Cast iron base with lion-claw feet, and this big magnesium candle for a light source. The thing weighed about a quarter-ton. Owner of the theatre we got it from said that when they brought in a new projector, they used a crane to get it into the projection booth…but when they got rid of it, they cut away the floor of the booth and let the projector drop about three stories straight into the basement, then rebuilt the floor with new lumber and craned in a new machine. He said there were quite a few smashed projectors down in the basement.

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