Are mormons christian?


If not, then I suppose I can post this here. I just don’t know if they are considered christian or not. They say they believe Jesus is a god, but not God. Does that really make sense? How can so many people follow a religion that makes no sense? How can they possibly believe that when Jesus was here on earth as a human being that He lied, only to come back years later in spirit to ONE person and change what He taught when He was here on earth years before? Do they believe He made a mistake? How is that possible?

I guess I just answered my question…they can’t possibly be christian, because they DON"T believe Jesus is God. God is truth and does not make mistakes. How could they believe that he even became “a god” when he made such a big mistake?

Do they call themselves christian? This is one of the most confusing religions in my mind. I cannot even begin to understand it. :confused:


LDS consider themselves to be “Christians”.

However, no, the Catholic Church does not recognize them as Christian because they lack Trinitarian baptism.


Mormons call themselves christian however they are not. They are a cult. Read below.

Lorenzo Snow, an LDS prophet, said in the late 1800s: “As man now is, God once was; as God now is, man may become.” The ultimate goal of all Mormons is to be a god in their own right. To support this belief they teach that God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit are separate beings. The concept of the Trinity is rejected. Jesus is not, as orthodox Christian doctrine teaches, fully God and fully man. Instead, he is half man, half god. Mormons believe that the god of this earth, an “exalted” man from the planet “Kolob,” had physical sex with Mary to conceive Jesus. They all but ignore Mary’s role, and in a crass stab at humor many refer to her as the “immaculate reception.”

Mormons also claim that Jesus was imperfect. They teach this in their temples in literature that claims Jesus erred on the cross about the thief being with him in paradise. We were surprised to learn that Mormons are really polytheists, believing in many gods. As Mormons we thought we were Christian and had assumed that this core belief in Mormon theology clarified what the rest of the Christian world believes. By studying the teachings of the Bible we discovered that Mormon concepts of salvation, heaven, and God was incorrect.



The Mormon religion is not understood by a lot of people. Mormons are Christians. They believe that God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are God. Instead of simply claiming that Mormons are not Christians it might be a good idea to read some of their literature, attend a service and talk to some Mormons. I realize that people will disagree with me and that’s okay. I just feel that we should be more tolerant of other people’s beliefs and not be throwing stones. I know my pastor also feels that Mormons are not Christians. Incidentally the name of the Mormon Church is The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints.


Yes, but they also believe every other human being is also a god, at least potentially, in the exact same manner that they believe Jesus is a god, and that every human who graduates to godhood will get his own world that he will populate with more humans who will worship him as a god. This is not what Christians believe about God, hence mormons are not Christians regardless as to what they may call themselves.

The situation is somewhat analogous to those women who claim they have been ordained Catholic priests.


I wouldn’t say I’m throwing stones. I basically said that their religion is very confusing and I’m trying to make sense of it. Although I believe that making sense of it will never happen, because I have not found one source on mormonism that says exactly the same thing about their beliefs. Also, I have talked to some mormons. They came to my house, and when I started to question them on their true beliefs and asked them to explain some things to me, they suddenly looked at their watches, said it was getting late, left, and never came back.:shrug:


This is what I’ve heard:

  1. Three Levels of Heaven

  2. God came down and conceived Jesus with Mary “the old fashioned way”

  3. They will become gods of their own planets

  4. Jesus and Satan are brothers

  5. The Catholic church went into apostasy sometime after the last apostle died.

Those are definitely** not** Christian beliefs, especially #4.


Excuse me you are wrong in what you are saying. They reject the Holy Trinity, they reject the Jesus Christ is full man and full god instead they teach he is half man half god and was conceived via carnal relation with Mary and through the Holy Spirit. You need to read up a little more on this subject. Mormons are not Christian they reject the foundational teachings of Christianity.


I recommend the article “Is Mormonism Christian” from First Things, by Bishop Neuhaus.


If the LDS church wanted to be christian, they could be. The possibilities with the faith are endless and always changing. The president of the LDS faith can change beliefs ASAP whenever he desires. He only says that he had a revelation from God and God says… IE: no more plural wives, black people can now be bishops, etc.

Three years ago I attended the funeral service for my friends father, very strong in the LDS faith. At that service, each person that spoke at the “meeting” gave testimony the he/she believed in Joseph Smith… Last week I attended my friends mothers funeral service. No one gave testimony believing in J.S., but they all gave testimony that they believe in Jesus Christ as their savior. A HUGE CHANGE!!! I have been following the Romney campaign for president. He was upset that someone said that the LDS believe that Jesus and Satan were brothers. They DO believe that, however, since it sounds perfectly ridiculous and is, he obviously does not want to associate himself with some of the LDS beliefs. The persons that said that Jesus and Satan were brothers apologized…I wonder why? No need to apologize for telling the truth. My husband was LDS all his life until he was baptised Catholic almost 4 years ago. He has a great deal of knowledge about LDS and confirmed the “brother” belief. So, the fact is that LDS can be anything and believe anything that the church president thinks they should in order to be accepted into the christian fold.

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This is one of the things I find extemely confusing about this religion. How can so many people follow a religion whose major beliefs can be changed and are based on one person’s supposed “visions” ? If you could follow a religion based on what Christ himself said or what someone who claims they saw visions said, who and what religion would you follow? It just doesn’t really make sense to me.

I also got to thinking about this, because of the Romney campaign. I saw him on t.v. yesterday in an interview, saying that he was christian, and I feel as if that isn’t true, so I wanted to see what everyone else thought.


Mormons consider themselves Christian but they lack the one defining belief that the Nicean fathers clarified in our creed. The holy trinity, Three persons in one, one in being with the father, etc. They claim to be trinitarians but will admit that God, Son and Spirit are three different Gods.

Ask them if they believe in One God, in three persons.


i read in jimmy akin’s blog that they are actually polytheists. which obviously makes them not christians.


The people who went to your house were probably missionaries. They are young kids (around 18-20 years old). If you have questions you’d be better off talking to an adult. I’ve seen some of these young missionaries who didn’t even know who the Pope is! Most of them know only what they have been taught and really can’t answer any deep questions.


As another poster said, the morman “church” is truly “The Church of whats’ happening Right Now.” Doctrine is changable at the whim of their “prophet” and most mormons are either ignorant of what the “church” truly belives or are afraid to attempt to explain in fear of being wrong. This is a religion based upon the fradulent “revelation” given to Joseph Smith, a convected con-man. In truth, you must believe in Joseph Smith over and above Jesus Christ Himself in order to be admitted to heaven, no joke. Definately NOT Christian.


they believe in many other gods as well. they believe that Jesus is one of many children of Elohim… this is not the same as Christianity. mormons would not fall under the classification of Christianity according to the historical creeds and beliefs of the church. they are NOT another protestant sect nor a return to the early church. they reject or distort (i am not saying this in a derogatory way, just my perception as well as what the majority of Christianity teaches) many of the historical doctrines of the church. they are not Christians

been there, done that. i have read the book of mormon, pearl of great price and many other mormon pieces of literature. i have personal friends who are mormon. i have attended (the ones outsiders are permitted to attend) mormon services. i have debated and dined with many mormons. i believe i have ample room to stand and say that mormons do not fall under Christianity. i would suggest you take some of your own advice and read and talk to folks. also, learn Christianity and then compare.

it is not throwing stones or intolerant to say what you believe in this case. to say that mormons aren’t Christians doesn’t say, “i hate mormons” or "mormons are stupid’ (i know that has been said but that is not the same as saying they aren’t Christian).

you should listen to your pastor more. david koresh said he was Jesus, does that make his cult (not calling mormons a cult in the way the branch davidians were a cult mind you) a Christian sect? so all it takes is having Jesus’ name in the title of your church? sorry, but it takes an adherence to the doctrines of Christianity to be Christian.


I think that if you had asked the question 100 years ago, both sides would have said no. Christians for the reasons given before my post, Mormans because they felt that Christianity had been lost and because of the way they were treated. Truth is, I am not sure. I see lots of evidence that the basic doctrines are not in-line with Christianity. What I do see, however, are many Mormans living a more “Christian” life than many non-Morman CHristians. I know that does not make the doctrine sound, but it is an answer to the question.


Living a good life can be done by non-christians as well as christians. Someone who does not believe in God, Jesus, can be a good person. I would just think it would be much more difficult to lead a good life without the belief of a deity. The very idea that there “is no God” would then lend itself to the idea that it would not really matter how we live if there are no consequences in the here-after. If there is no God then there would be little purpose in our lives. So, whether Catholic, Mormon, or athiest, we can all be a good person, or not-so-good.

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For sure they call themselves Christians and nobody legally, morally and rationally deny that right of expressing their faith as they believe, if there is any free will there.

They are not Muslims, definitely; first they don’t say that. Secondly the following **litmus test ** to verify a Christian from a Muslim also proves that.

**There is not a single Muslim in the world who believes that **Jesus died on Cross, it is so clearly mentioned in Quran. So, according to Muslims Jesus Jesus never needed to be resurrected from the dead as he never died on Cross in the first place. Hence Jesus was never God as per Quran/Islam/Muhammad.

There is not a single Christian, in my knowledge, who does not believe that Jesus died a cursed death on Cross for the sinful Christians; later as per the Christian faith Jesus got resurrected to life from the dead, and hence he was God and he sat on the right hand of God, assuming all-power. This is, to me, the superstitious building blocks of Christian fatih which the Christians have been made to believe by Paul in Rome.

The Mormons believe the later faith, so they are Christian for all practical purposes according to the litmus test to know a Christian from a Muslm or a Muslim from a Christians.

Otherwise, you would remain confused



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