Are Mormons part of the Christian family???

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I have recently read several threads where our Mormon friends have insisted that they are indeed Christians. I have read many efforts they have made to lend credibilty to their claims of Christianity. ( I have appreciated and enjoyed much of their contributions. I have also admired some, who have done so in a warm and respectful manner.)

I will do my VERY best to return that respect and consideration to them in offering the following.:slight_smile:

A very basic view of Christianity:

Christianity is a monotheistic religion
God has always been God
God created all things
God, himself, was not created
God created man
Man is not the same species as God

( With great respect, it is my belief that the teachings of Mormonism is very polytheistic )
The year 1844, ( Founder of Mormonism ) Mr. Joseph Smith Clearly taught ( King Follet Sermon ) " We have imagined God was God from all eternity, I will refute that and take away the veil so you all can see that our God was once a man on a different Earth before he became God of our Earth" ( The begining, certainly not the end, of the Mormon teaching on Exaltation )

This is in direct conflict of the very fundamental teaching of Christainity.

The virgin birth of Jesus is not the same as the Christain belief.

Mormons teach that Jesus is the literal son of our literal living God ( God the father has fleash and bone, has many wives). The Mormon teaching is that Mary, also the literal offspring of God, is impregnated by Elohim. They teach that Mary was a virgin at the time of conception not at the time of Jesus’ birth. ( Jesus is the literal, physical offspring of God.)

So, do Mormons teach that there is only one God ( not at all ) They do say that our God is the only one for us on this Earth ( Currently lives on a planet called Kalob ) but they indeed strive to become Exalted to become a God of their own Earth some day where they will be able to populate their own Earth with spirit children. ( God has a God, who has a God, who has a God and so on). Sounds very polytheistic, IMHO.

Mormons do try to appear to be Christain but it is my humble opinion that the substance and teachings of their religion is not what we find in the most basic, fundamental view of the Christain umbrella.

I hope I have not offended any of my LDS friends who hold a different belief as I do nor was it my intention to be contentious. I am simply offering my response to much of what I have been reading on other threads.

Peace and God bless,

Well, I know that when Mormons (of any kind), Jehovah’s Witnesses, or Seventh-Day Adventists become Orthodox, they must be received by Baptism.

While they use the Trinitarian formula, they clearly do NOT mean what traditional Christianity means by it.

I would rather focus on the title to your post rather than its content, as it tends to be more expressive.

Define for me “the Christian family”. Mormonism is a new dispensation of the gospel. A new dispensation means a new revelation of the gospel from heaven. It is a new beginning. And a new beginning becomes necessary when the old one has been lost or destroyed in some way. We call that the Apostasy. The mistake you are making is that you are trying to judge the veracity of the new dispensation on the basis of the criteria or yardstick of the old apostate one. You are saying that the new dispensation must look like the Apostate one in order for it to be true. Well, you don’t need to have the brain of Einstein to figure out that that logic is flawed. The yardstick you want to use with which to judge Mormonism is a false yardstick. If that yardstick was okay, a new dispensation of the gospel would not have been necessary in the first place. The fact that a new dispensation of the gospel has been revealed means that your old yardstick is worthless as a means of determining the truth of Mormonism. That means that what you call “Christian family” is actually “Apostate-Christian family”. So your thread title is incorrectly formulated. The correct formulation is: “Are Mormons part of the Apostate-Christian family???” The answer to that of course is No! Mormonism is a new dispensation of the Gospel, therefore it cannot be a part of the Apostate-Christian family.


So, to cut things down a little. No they are not.

We Christians do not count them to be Christians due to their polytheism and non Biblical scripture.

They in turn are glad we do not count them among us, as zerinus pointed out, because they believe that we are the ones who have gone astray, not them.


A. The Mormon Church in the ordinary sense cannot be classified as Christian unless one wanted to twist the term until it did not mean anything anymore.

B. There are certain basics to true Christianity such as the One God, the Trinity, Creation, Jesus Christ, Redemption and Resurrection doctrines which one will find among Eastern Christians and the Western as well. Mormonism has brought into Christianity elements that come from another source.

C. Actually when one begins a study of the history and doctrines of Mormonism, the presupposition is that Mormonism is a unified system of doctrine. But in fact it is a hybrid of so many aspects, some from Christianity, some from the fantasy of Joseph Smith, and some aspects directly contrary to Christianity (pre-existence of souls, polygamy, a divine curse on the Negro).

Hello my friend Zerinus,

Interesting that you would want to focus on the " title " and not the content. Seems to speak volumes to me, perhaps habit :).

At any rate, although I appreciate your focus on " the truth of Mormonism ", I think you have posted in the wrong thread. Perhaps you can correctly formulate a new thread and I can contibute in that one.


You are mistaken about that. Rest assured that I have posted in the right thread. You just don’t like what I have said because it turns the table on you. But that is okay. Your response was not unexpected.


Hello again Z,

You say you have indeed posted in the right thread:confused::confused:

The OP ( that would be me, CJ Nick ) asked about teachings of LDS that go directly against monotheism, God is the creator of all, God created man, God has always been God, etc ) I included brief examples of these LDS teachings.

Your reply ( you say you " turned the table " on me and did post a relevant reply to my OP) was " mormonism is true " " apostacy " and offered in response to my OP, a QUESTION to me??:confused::confused:

I am confused by your contribution ( question to me :confused:) and am still not sure if you label yourself a Christian?? I dare not ask as I know you will simply " turn the table " on me and ask me a question.:confused:

At any rate, I stand on my previous comment that it speaks volumes to me that you would rather concentrate on the " title" rather than evaluate the " content " ( hmmmmmm):slight_smile:


I usually refrain from this debate. However, Mormon beliefs are too far out from mainstream Christianity to be called Christian.

Yes, I would label myself a Christian, as distinct from an apostate Christian. I would classify you as an apostate Christian—by which I mean one who adheres to the tenets of an apostate religion. I adhere to the tenets of the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ—meaning the only true Christian religion. It is called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


I believe a Christian is someone who believes in Jesus Christ and the Church He founded 2000 years ago, the Catholic Church.

I believe a Mormon is someone who believes in the teachings of a man who lived in the mid 1800’s, Joseph Smith, who founded the Mormon Church (LDS is more PC) and says they will become a God with their own planet and many wives???

Sounds like the text book definition of Apostasy to me!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Thank you for the answer :slight_smile:

I appreciate and understand the LDS view that I am of an apostate Christian.

Do you feel that Christains ( today ) MUST adhere to teachings of many Gods, Our God has a God, God was not always God, God is the same species as us, our God was created, our God was once a man of a different Earth, etc, etc. That these are the new teachings and beliefs of all true Christians today???

Thanks for the back and forth.


They are not Christians in any way, shape, form or manner.

The closest they come is the use the name of Jesus Christ. Using the name of Jesus does not a Christian make.

They are not much different from the Jehovah Witness in that their religion was established by a man, in their case Joseph Smith. Of course JS had to give some legitimacy to his new invention to account for it popping up 1800 years after Jesus established HIS religion. Apostasy would be a good reason. Ignore what Jesus said about the gates not prevailing against HIS church and just say there was an Apostasy. There are always people who would believe anything without proof.

That is really the wrong question. They are the part of the human family. We need to pray for them and all non-Catholics who desire to follow Christ that they come to the fullness of the faith in the Catholic Church. The Catholic faith is the best way to heaven even though we certainly pray that all non-Catholics and all Catholics will eventually be saved. It is so much more difficult outside of the Catholic Church to be saved. I used to be a Mormon and am so glad I now have the Eucharist and the other sacraments to strengthen me in my walk towards God.

I believe that Christians today (if they want to be Christians of the Restoration), must believe in the Bible and the Book of Mormon, which contain the “fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ” (see D&C 42:12).



Is this the answer to my question to you???:confused::confused::confused::confused:
( I am starting to think you answer questions with an agenda in mind, sorry but I don’t understand the reasoning behind your very indirect answers )

Do you have an answer for my questions that you pasted ???

Thanks and peace,

Hi Catholic20064,

First ( welcome home :):):))

I understand and agree with your point ( 98 % ) and would add that we should pray for ALL to come to Christ ( even the ones who currently do not seek him ) BUT I also think the question ( " are Mormons part of the Christian family " ) is a very sound question. You see, we, as Christains must protect and defend what we hold as precious teachings of the Lord and must also keep Jesus’ teachings pure from deceit so that anyone who may be interested in Christainity not find their way to a religion that claims itself Christian, yet teaches and believes things that, at the very least, border on blasphemy.

At any rate, I do undertand your contributiuon :slight_smile:

Welcome Home!!!

The answer I gave you is the correct answer to your question. No additional comment is required.



I think I got it. I need to believe in the Bible and B of M and that is it!!!

No need to believe ANY of the countless teachings of your first, past, or current Prophets . ( I wonder why you even have or need them ???:confused::confused:)

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.:slight_smile:

I go night night now!!! the gorgious bride is waiting :):slight_smile:

Peace and good night


Zerinus, here you go again!

First there is no such thing as an “apostate” Christian maybe individuals, but not the entire true church (that ain’t the Mormon church). There was no such thing as the “great ot total” apostacy, and no such thing as the “restoration” either. No apostacy no need for “restoration”, Nor is there in existence any such thing as any “restored gospel”, by the way there are four Gospels not just one.

It is commonly acknowledged that the mormon church is a cult, except by mormons of course. Your religion is based on the fertile imagination of Joseph Smith, a charlatan.

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