Are most of thes preachers with the Aof G

It is tragic that greedy men stoop so low as to exploit the name of Jesus, but this is what Don Stewart, Peter Popoff, Mike Murdock, Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, Robert Tilton,Morris Cerullo James Robison, Rod Pasleyand others are doing. Read what the Word of God warns us concern these evil men…
I had the TV on last night and here was Rod Pasley ask for 600 people to send him 1,200 and then I went to another Morris Cerullo ashing 500 people to send $ 500.
Morris Cerullo lives in a 12million house with 12,000 Sq ft house and he has a 50,000 car all of them saying the are prophets from God.
And almost all under investigation and being crooks.

If by “A of G” you mean Assemblies of God" I don’t think so. I think they are mainly independent, non-denominational. I don’t think Assemblies of God people are into prosperity theology.

A lot of non-denominational “churches” are into the prosperity gospel, which teaches that if you are poor you have lack of faith, and that people who “name it and claim it” for whatever they want in Jesus name will get whatever they ask, including healing. If you are sick or having financial problems, you just don’t have enough faith.


What makes you think they are?

I believe the founders of TBN are/were AoG. There station is the one who promotes almost all of the preachers listed in the OP.s post.

From what I have heard on many of the shows, at least the ones from the past the hosts would speak in tongues, which is practiced in AoG communities and some other pentecostal groups.

Jan and Paul Crouch don’t appear on the station often now. Actually I haven’t see Paul for a long time. Actually I have seen at least one of their houses and a very expensive car that Jan was in. They appear to be very wealthy.

I think there is a mixture of different denominations on TBN now. I rarely tune in and only for a few minutes, but notice donations are a big item on their shows.

It is funny how some protestants accuse the Catholic Church of having expensive decor in the churches (which are to glorify God, as He requested in the Old Testament when building the temple) but the sets on TBN must cost a fortune and don’t seem to give any glory to God. They are just a background for the hosts of the shows and you hear no complaints that they should spend the money on the poor.

All the decor in Catholic Churches have a liturgical meaning and all are for the Glory of God not man.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


Yes by A of G I do mean the assmblies of God, and yes I know a lot of them are Assmlies of God and Pentescotal which may be the some

Umm…I just put all of those names into Wikipedia. I then searched each article for Assemblies of God.

The only hit was Mike Murdock. He went to an Assemblies of God college for three semesters. Hint: going to an Assemblies of God college for three months does not make you Assemblies of god.

Anyway, I would think if they are Assemblies of God I would read it there.

Besides, the names that you have listed are not all equivalent other than appearing on TV to some extent (which is not evil in itself). And asking for money is not evil in itself, Billy Graham does that.

Yeah, I think most on this list are nut jobs. But I don’t know about all of them. For example, I don’t think that James Robison is even Pentecostal.

Anyway, Wikipedia is free and online. You can easily check go online and fact check this yourself before you go on to a forum and make false claims.

Did I say any thing about Billy and are you saying Benny Hinn is not A of G,Morris Rod Pasley and other
You also say asking for money is noe a sin,well you may be right but in my opiniom
any one liveing in a 12,0000 house and driving a 50,000 car and asking people to send money is wrong, That goes for Benny Hinn and Morries Cerullo., Have you ever seen the house Billy lives in Believe me it was not a million house.
In fact you need to be ashame to using Billy name with all of these crooks

I don’t think Pat Robertson belongs on that list. He is an attorney and I believe he runs a legitimate business and university that has done a lot of good work around the world.

The Assemblies of God are the largest Pentecostal denomination by far. Over racial issues in Jim Crow America, white people would not accept black people in positions of authority, they broke from their parent the black dominated Church of God in Christ. There being many more white people then black people in America they grew stronger and faster then other pentecostal denominations which kept black people in their leadership structure.

I do believe the Crouch’s of Trinity Broadcasting where at one time members of Pastor Jack Hayford’s, now the retiring President of the Foursquare Church, Church on the Way, the Foursquare church of Sherman Oaks California. I think the only Foursquare pastors on TBN are/were Jack Hayford and McClinton of the West Adams Foursquare Church ( I forgot their theme name:blush:’ )before he left Foursquare was ordained a Bishop and started a non denominational church. Most pastors on the network now belong to the Word of Faith movement or tend to be non denominational charismatics or Pentecostals. But there are non charismatics and “mainline” Protestant churches with a weekly schedule. Not the daily schedules like Joyce Meyer, John Hagee, Rod Parsley and Crefelo Dollar As far as I know Meyer and Dollar are considered Word of Faith, not Assembly of God pastors.

Of the pastors you mentioned in the opening post that i have heard of. Benny Hinn is Word of faith. Pat Robertson is a charismatic Southern Baptist. Jame Robison and Rod Parsley are non denominational Pentecostals.

Well you are the one that said asking for money was wrong.

And not all of these people live in gazillion dollar houses and drive gazillion dollar cars. The article I read in Wiki indicated the salary of James Robison was not extravagant by TV evangelist standards.

But on the “you need to be ashamed” thing…

I think you need to be ashamed by implying all are crooks when there may be some on your list that are not. I also think you need to be ashamed for implying that these names are Assembly of God without one single shred of evidence that is in fact true.

Just because this is the internet and it is free does not give any of us the license to spread stuff that is just not true.

The prosperity gospel is a plight on the Church. I will be happy when it dries up.
Rod Parsley was instrumental in getting Bush elected in 2004.
Ohio was te swing state and parsley actively got out the Evangelical vote for Bush if you research it you will wee that the AfroAmerican vote for Bush in Ohio was much higher than nationwide that was the AfroAmerican Church voting for Bush. Bush and his cohorts were crooks I did vote for him unfortunely becasue of abortion.

Please DO NOT PUT WORD in my mouth I never say they are A of D Iask the question are any of them with the A of G are do you know if they are A of G,Iwill go back and read what I said but you are wrong,and BTW I know Morris Cerullo,Benny Hinn,Robert Tilton all are under investigation,so do not say they are saints,All ot them have been on the Jim Bakker show who just got out of prison

PS Will you please show me from your list which ones do not live in a million dollar house and dose not drive a car under 40,000
This what I said "Are most of thes preachers with the Aof G "
Are most of these preacher with( it is a question ) I was looking for a Answer

Parsley and Paula White have an out-sized black congregations for white pastors. I think when a black pastor can draw white people like those two draw blacks at least in that area our work is done. It does seem as if about two nights a week on TBN’s Praise The Lord daily program are turned over to black host.

Another factor besides Parsley’s in roads with the black church was the same sex marriage bill on Ohio’s ballot that year. As the gay activist tried to link gender choice rights to racial identity civil rights fights black folk slapped them down.

Was not Paul thrown in prison?

David had enough sence not to ridicle Saul even though Saul was corrupted becasue Saul was annointed. Tilton id not but the other three are.

Harry Jackson who is now in my area has partnered with Parsley on many occassions. He tells a story that when he was in Rochester his congregation was mostly white. His present congregation is AA.
BTW you are correct about the same sex bill a brilliant strategy by Karl Rove.

Yes Saul was in prison but your not putting him in with this group,PLEASE
And can you help with what you are saying with Tilton not what I do not understand what you are saying

Back when everyone thought that Senator Clinton was going to be the Democratic nominee there was talk in gay circles about avoiding fights about the gay marriage issue during the last general election. They feared another backlash as the political strategy is based in a large way of the safe black bloc of votes. With President Obama’s nomination that point became moot last time, and next election.

Last night I was watching INSP and Morris, Cuerullo was talking about giving him money I cant remember if he was asking for 600 people to give him 100 but that was close. for 1 hr he talked about nothing but money,and it he got the amount he was asking for you for,
you will rec. 4 miracle.
He talk for 1Hour and Never said any thing about God, He did tell people he is a prophet
How long will people keep believe him and other.

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