Are Muslim posters respectful?

Following from the recent threads about Muslim posers a poll about the intentions of Muslims on this forum:

I chose option 3, and this is taking into account all the Muslims who have posted here since I was a member of the forums. I’d say less than half of all the Muslims who have posted here since than still do today. The others stopped posting at some point, or were banned.

I guess option 4 might also apply, though. But not quite as much as option 3. Most Muslims on here at least make some effort to conceal their hatred of Christianity.

well so far 75% of responders think that the majority of Muslim posters don’t come in good faith

update - so far only 2 out of 15 have selected the first option - so 13 out of 15 agree that at least a sigificant minority come to disrespect Catholicism and Christianity in general
the complication is that we don’t know if any Muslim posters voted

I’d choose option three and apply it to threads such as these. The majority are started only to provoke useless arguments.

NO, Valke. Surely you can see the point in asking people the question? I always worry about people who try and suppress discussion. Why would you like to suppress discussion? I would like to know. I am just trying to find out everyone’s perception of the input of Muslims posters. Why is that provocative to you?

Unless one wants to get an idea that other people can see what one can see.

I have seen a great many Moslem posters who seem intent on only replying to posts if they think they can point-score

The only thing is I wouldn’t confine this to just Moslem posters.

I have been reading here only for a short time, and only sporadically. I have seen posts from approximately four different Muslims. And my observation has been that two or three of the four seem interested only in speaking, but not in listening. They make the same points over and over (and over and over…), and they often completely ignore or gloss over any refutation of those points, without even attempting a substantive counter-argument. They give the impression that they think that all they have to do is re-state their position enough times, and people will eventually begin to agree with it.

I don’t know if what I have seen is typical of Muslims who post here, or of Muslims in general, but I certainly hope it is not typical of either. Many of the posts (by Muslims) that I have seen here have perpetuated the stereotype of Islam as a religion which is opposed to reason and to critical thinking, but I still hope that that stereotype is not accurate. I would love it if some Muslims here could begin to prove that stereotype to be wrong.


P.S. To be fair though, some (but certainly not all) non-Muslims have been less than charitable to these Muslims. However I have seen people being uncharitable to Catholics and Protestants here as well, without causing those Catholics and Protestants to lose their ability to listen or to make a reasoned argument. So ultimately I think that the responsibility lies with these Muslim posters to show that they can engage in dialogue rather than just talking without listening.

I think they are here just to start or stir up, trouble. Why else would they be here? If I want their view I’ll go to one of their boards & sign up. I do not need nor respect their views here.

I have to say from my experience of Muslims on the internet, this form of non-argument is quite common - it is a result of Muslim education, Islam still apparently is very fixed on occasionalism and theocracy so that the Western tradition of critical analysis has often not been taught.
There is a problem with uncharitable reactions to some Muslim posters, but that is partly due to the nature of the posts by Muslims - hence the reason for my poll to see how much of problem this is perceived to be.

Ok - current breakdown
option 1 : 12%
option 2: 28%
option 3: 32%
option 4: 28%
so 88% think at least a substantial minority don’t come here to learn and have constructive dialogue

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