Are Muslims Being Pressured to Change their Beliefs?


I’m wondering if Muslims feel like they have to change their beliefs. I’m not Muslim, but if I understand correctly, isn’t Islam against abortion and homosexuality?

I was just reading about Robin Williams attacking Catholics and I’m just so mad. We all know of Rosie O’donnells anti-Catholic remarks as well. Does Rosie know that Muslims are also against homosexual lifestyles?

What do they expect us Catholics to do? Cease to exist or change? Ofcourse we have to speak up as Catholics.
I don’t exactly hear anyone one of those celebrities going against Muslim beliefs which on some issues are similar to those of Christianity. I hope they realize that.


What do you think would happen to Robin Williams if he said such things publically about Muslims.

Well you please list the beliefs that are common between Catholics and Muslims?


I think many think that religion should “change with the times” but I feel that is a big mistake.

my 2 cents


“*n an interview with MoviesOnline, Robin Williams recently said that ‘you can’t poke fun at certain religions,’ noting that ‘we just made major fun of the Catholic Church but hey, they don’t blow you up.’ So not only is Williams a bigot and a liar, he’s a coward. No wonder he’s so well received in Tinseltown.”*


my 2 cents

I also do not believe that religion, or more specifically dogma) should change with the times. However I do believe that there are things that happen that some believe constitutes religion changing with time but that really are not.

One is when we change an interpretation of scripture after realizing we were wrong. An example is that for some time Christians believed that the Bible stated that the planets revolve around the earth. Well we now know that is not true. The bible is true, so the interpretation of the bible must have been wrong. We now know that those parts of the bible are not to be taken literally by are metaphors.

Another example of when it appears that religion is changed with the times is when things come up that never existed in the times when scripture was written. And example are the huge new things in the medical field that bring up moral issues: blood transfusions, how long to keep a person alive on machines before we give up, contraception, safe abortions (safe for mother not baby), cloning, organ transplants. When such things come up then we need to make determinations from scriptures that do not address them directly.


Keep in mind that when someone moves to the West/USA, they should be prepared to accept that culture. Not have the culture change to accomodate them. If they do not like it, they can go back home.

I’d like to see a Reconquista, pushing Islam out of Western/Christian lands. Islam is clearly a very dangerous, militant force.


I hope that Muslims are being pressured to change SOME of their beliefs. These are all codified in Shari’ah. I’m talking about the laws of:

  1. Jihad as a violent war for the sole purpose of spreading Islam.

  2. Religious apartheid that that makes second class citizens all non-Muslims living under Islamic rule. They have few rights and legal protections of any kind.

  3. Punishment of a couple if a Muslim woman marries a non-Muslim man.

  4. The laws allowing a man to beat his wife.

  5. All laws allowing slavery and giving a man sexual right to all slave women he owns (keep in mind that a ‘woman’ is a female 9 years of age and older)

  6. Polygamy

  7. Inheritance laws that give daughters half the share of sons.

  8. Execution and/or punishment of apostates and blasphemers

  9. Execution for adultery or fornication. (other punishments for these too)

  10. Cutting off the hands, feet, etc off of thieves.

  11. The laws that say that if a Muslim kills a non-Muslim they are not to be punished. But if a non-Muslims kills a Muslim, they must be executed no matter the reason … meaning even if self defense.

  12. The laws that say that a woman cannot leave her house without her husband’s permission or travel without him in escort.

  13. The laws saying that a woman must cover from head to foot and perhaps even cover her face.

These are the ones that come to mind. They are the ones that I see as harmful to all non-Muslims and to women living under Islamic rules. I’m sure that there are others. But most others I just don’t care about… they are personal choice in religion. Like if a person wants to pray 5 times a day more power to them. If they want to follow the toilet ritual fine, does me no harm. But the system of apartheid insures millions of Christians and non-Muslims every day. The laws of Jihad are not acceptable under any circumstances.

I would not undersand any Christian who felt that Muslims should not be pressured to change these things.


Note that most or all of your points are not just minor culture clashes. They are themselves incompatible with the US Constitution and Laws of the United States and individual States.

I don’t see why we feel the need to import masses of Muslims into the West/USA. It’s like importing Martians - as in War of the Worlds - Muslim culture is so alien.

I had an Iranian roomate of sorts in college (shared kitchen in our apt. complex.) He literally could not understand how an American could support a President that they did not vote for. His view was that if your guy was not in office as President, you should try to overthrow him: Militarily or otherwise.

They just don’t get it and with the layer of Islam, they never will.


You are right. It is totally imcompatable. Yet something like 60% of the Muslims in parts of the USA want to see Shri’ah law here. I’ve spoken to Muslims who say that their intent is to replace the constitution of the USA with Shari’ah. We have heard similar things from Muslims all over Europe. We had better know what Shri’ah is so we can protect ourselves from it. For most Muslims it is the law of Allah, it is the only legitimate form of law, and it can never be changed. That’s scary.

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