Are Muslims Sola Scripturists?

If so, what are the ramifications?

Sunni Muslims are; Shi’ite (followers of Shia) Islam have a loosely-based style where there’s imams (what we could consider priests) on the bottom, and at the very top, what we could consider bishops or cardinals (I forget their name) who merely interpret scripture.

The minor branches vary.

To some degree all Muslims have to rely on certain hadith traditions of Muhammad to interpret the quran. They have to rely on stories about the life of Muhammad so as to emulate him since he is the most excellent example.

Muslims who reject all sources except the quran or put very little stock in the life of the Prophet would be questioned as to their Orthodoxy.

No. Most muslims rely on the deeds of the prophet (hadith) in addition to the Quran for guidance, but different sect recognize different hadith collections

I believe that if there is any conflict or ambiguity between the hadith and the Qur’an, the Qur’an is the final word.

In theory that is true, but if it were applied in practice, a lot of sharia law would not exist, or atleast would not be binding

Do you mean Ayatollas? And although there is no ridgid clerical hierarchy in their case, ordinary Sunni ulema serve much the same purpose

May God lead us to truth and wisdom. May He create a clean heart in me to love all His children… when I prayed psalm 68.1 Arise Oh Lord and scatter your enemies. Let those that hate you see your Holy face and flee. This psalm is for victory in the church… The enemy scattered in the midst of refugees. How many Christians are in the throng.?.Dear Lord, please bless those who have courage to fight against the caliphate.
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