Are my sins forgiven?

I went to confession today with my list of things to say to the priest (I wrote a paragraph about what I will say during confession and I brought it with me). As I was reading my paragraph to the priest, at certain points my voice got lower because I got embarrassed by what I was reading. But it is not like I purposefully tried to hide some sins from the priest. I don’t know if the priest heard everything I said, but he didn’t ask me to say them again because he couldn’t hear…he gave me absolution…are all the sins that I confessed today forgiven?

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Yes, they are forgiven.

If I have trouble to hear someone because they are either speaking too softly or not speaking clearly enough for me to understand, I am quite able to say so.

Actually, it goes both ways. I can also tell someone to speak more softly as they are speaking too loudly and their voice will be overheard. People come in and out of the confessional for their confessions but I am the one who spends hours in there and I know when the speech volume is getting too loud.


Thank you for your kind reply. Should I suspect that I am getting scrupulous if I am very concerned about this and want to do the confession again because of this? I should not go to confession again because of this, should I?

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PS: Don, are you a priest?

Yes, I am. I am from Europe where we have different titles for priests who belong to a diocese…which I do…as opposed to priests who are monks, friars, or belong to other religious congregations. We also have more variety in our titles, such as those who belong to the chapter of canons or, for instance is appointed the canon penitentiary of the diocese by the bishop and so forth.

You have received the sacrament of penance so there is no need to go back and receive it again as though you had not received it. If the confessor does not understand something or has a concern, he is able to ask you so the burden is not all on you. If I can’t hear the penitent, I have a responsibility to step forward and say there is a communication problem.

It is also not unlike receiving the Eucharist…even if you do not consciously remember swallowing It, if you received It, you do not have to go back and receive again because you do not consciously remember each instant of Its presence.

As for diagnosing scrupulosity…this is a matter one can’t do over the internet. It is something to talk about with your confessor. You could simply be very sensitive or delicate in conscience. Also, if it is something that seldom and rarely happens, it does not make you scrupulous at all. The priest where you are is best positioned to help with these issues and questions and concerns. Don’t be afraid to ask him, even at the end of your confession. “Father, could I ask you…do you think [name your concern]?”

I assure you of my prayers.

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