Are Novenas really all that powerful?

Hey everyone. Are Novenas really all that powerful? I am considering praying a Novena for the healing of my shoulder shrugging tic because it causes me so much pain. Also, does anyone know of a good Saint to pray a Novena to for this? I am thinking of Saint Dymphna since she seems to be the patron saint of those with neurological conditions and a tic disorder is a neurological thing I believe. Also, if anyone would be willing to pray a Novena with me, I’d appreciate it.

Have you seen a doctor about your condition? That’s the first step. God often heals through medical science.

I did a novena to St. Joseph, patron saint of workers, to find a job and I found one.

I’m not sure which saint to do a novena to for a tic.

I pray daily the novenas to the Holy Spirit and also Confidence in the Sacred Heart. The latter one is so powerful for me…
Try St. Rita and St. Anne too!
I’m praying for you.

All prayer is powerful. We need to pray consistently and with humility. Also, if our prayer is not answered our way, we should still praise God and adore Him.

Yes, I have seen both my primary doctor as well as a neurologist and a psychiatrist for it. None of them have been able to help me. The psychiatrist prescribed a medicine which was supposed to help but it made me feel as though I were wasted drunk. It literally made me act a lot more slowly. I even moved more slowly. I went off of it.

Novenas are powerful. Many people on our forum will attest to that fact.

I believe one of the reasons that novenas are so powerful is that they show our persistence in prayer (Luke 11 and Luke 18 are great parables of Jesus about persistence in prayer.)

In addition, novenas align ourselves with the saints who are the church triumphant, proven friends of God. Who better to ask for help than the friends of God?

All novenas point to God as the source of all good things. God loves it when we rely on Him. He loves the saints so much as to help Him distribute His gifts. He loves us so much as to answer our prayers.

I particularly love novenas to St. Joseph as you can see at my website, . Also, pray a novena to the Holy Souls in Purgatory and promise them prayers and Masses in return – and watch out! Amazing results too! Make sure to keep your promises to the Holy Souls.


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