Are only Catholics destined for Heaven?


why you think it is a big lie? the only religion with strong basis is the Catholic Church.


I don’t think “destined” is even the right word to be using. As long as we have free will anything can happen. But there will probabaly be more non-Catholics than Catholics since we remain a minority on earth.


God will do as He pleases.


No one believes only Catholics go to heaven. Catholic don’t believe only Catholics go to heaven.
Just ask Catholics if only Catholics go to heaven, and see what they say.


Heaven is for all Christians who do the will of God: Love God with your whole heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor. Keep the Commandments. As Catholics we MUST live those and follow the precepts of the Church.


No, everyone who desires God and accepts God is destined for heaven.

The saying ’ there is no salvation outside the church ’ is one of the most misunderstood statements ever.


What do you mean? All the souls in heaven are catholic? What about the Jewish old testament people who found their way to heaven


worship Jesus you are wrong here. Jesus founded the catholic church, Jesus is its head.

Peter was His first Pope.


Are you in Australia, we just had an apology by our Prime Minister for all affected by historic child abuse.


And thats not true. And how do you explain the historic Child sex abuse that occurred pre Vat II


Everyone in Heaven is part of the Church Triumphant, and as such, is Catholic, regardless of them being Jewish before the establishment of the New Covenant or otherwise.


Where is your definition that the communion of saints and the church triumphant consists solely of Catholics.


Jesus is also Catholic since He was baptized and He is Head of the Catholic Church.


I fear he would not recognize the Roman Catholic Church.


Didn’t you just call it apostate?


Who do you mean by He and why would “he” not recognize it?


Because the Church Triumphant is part of the Catholic Church?


I mean Jesus and he certainly would not recognize the pomposity and institutional cover ups. But he would delight in the holy men and women throughout the world who are faithful to his teaching.


That was only a few people.


Now, what does the definition of Communion of Saints mean? Who is the Communion of Saints?

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