Are only Catholics destined for Heaven?



I made no mention of the Communion of Saints, but:

The Church triumphant is the Church in heaven. The unity and cooperation of the members of the Church on earth, in Purgatory, in Heaven is also called the Communion of Saints.

It makes no sense for someone to be simultaneously in Heaven, and thus be a part of the Church Triumphant, which is Catholic, and yet be Buddhist.


None of this says they are solely Catholic.


What sense does it make for someone to be in Heaven and not be Catholic? How can we be one unified Church on earth but fail to be unified in Heaven? If the Catholic Church possesses the fullness of truth, how could someone stand in the presence of Truth Himself, the very seat of Wisdom, and not be Catholic?


Yes, St John Chrysostom said that in the 4th century. Unfortunately the church is full of scandals from its very beginning, with Judas betraying Christ. My children and I have been reading up on early popes, and some of it isn’t so pretty; yet we remain still today.


we gotta define what you mean, are you saying if a buddhist suddenly accepts Christ at his death, he enters heaven as a Catholic.

Or are you saying only Catholics who are earthy Catholics , are in heaven.


I’m saying that regardless of what religion one was before they entered Heaven, if they’re in Heaven, they are Catholic.


Jesus was born a Jew and he died a Jew. His disciples came together after the crucifixion and became followers of “The Way.” Officially, the Church was formed on Pentecost. East AND West. James and Peter.


Was he Roman Catholic?


I think its more essential to be Christian in heaven :grinning:.


This reminds me of a story I heard. One day a good Protestant died. He was met by St Peter who said “Welcome to your new home.”
They got into the elevator and started to go up. At one point St Peter said, “ssssshhhhhh, We have to be very quiet., This is the section for those Catholics who think that they are the only ones here”


Not necessarily Roman.


I think there is a misunderstanding of Catholic vs. catholic. Catholic with a capital C is referring to the Catholic Church, as in the Roman Catholic Church. With a lower case c, catholic refers to the universal church that Christ created, not just Catholic as in Roman Catholic. The lower case catholic is used in the Nicene Creed and the Apostle’s Creed, referring to the universal Christian Church. This is what I was taught in RCIA and in my early Lutheran days.


I’m going to explain this in the simplest way possible, @WorshipJesus.

Jesus is God. He chose to become one of us in every way except sin. He has two natures, one human, the other, Divine.

Being human, He was raised Jewish. His mother, Mary, was Jewish as was Joseph, His foster father.

Jesus, the Lamb of God, was given to us by the Father. Jesus was born in order to die for us. He came so that our sins would be forgiven. He remained Divine His 33 years on this earth.

Tell me, why would Jesus not be in Heaven?


I agree with you. There are good, even wonderful, people who belong to no religious group at all, who I believe are in heaven. Even the Catholic Church, itself, says anyone can get to heaven. Those of other faiths, like me, who sincerely believe in their faith and live their faith, can certainly go to heaven. By the same token, a Catholic person who lives and dies in mortal sin, probably won’t end up in heaven. It’s not the name of the faith that matters but how a person lives his or her life and faith, how he or she treats G-d’s creation. And, none of us has all the answers. Only G-d has all the answers.


To be Catholic is to be Christian, but how can we say we follow Christ when we shun His Church?

The Latin Church does not have a monopoly on Christ. If I remember correctly, there are around 22 or 23 Churches that are not Latin-rite, but 100% Catholic and obedient to the Pope. That is what I meant by not necessarily Roman. The Catholic Church is certainly catholic though! And it is that universal Church that Christ created.

Oh yes it does! Anyone can be nice. Anyone can give to the poor, not murder, not steal. Works without faith are dead, and faith in that which is false is groundless. You misunderstand what is meant by all can be saved. Salvation is for all, and Jesus died for all, but none outside of His Church, the Catholic Church, shall be saved. There may be some, who by no fault of their own, never hear of Christ nor His Church. They are invincibly ignorant. That is how one can be not Catholic and still be saved. We cannot say the same for those who know what the Catholic Church is and yet not be a part of it.


Nope. If you get there, you were (are? have been? - whatever, you get my point) PREdestined. :wink:


Jesus was Jewish as an ethnicity.


No, I didn’t misunderstand.

A loving G-d is certainly not going to condemn a pious and loving Methodist, for example, or even a Jew or a Muslim, to hell because he or she did not “follow Christ.” Especially if that person truly believes his or her religion is the correct one to follow. Even the Vatican has said this, just more elegantly than I have.

“More recently (April 15th, 2018) Pope Francis claimed that atheists get to Heaven…”.

“So what to say to this boy mourning his father and asking for information on his eternal destiny? Here is the answer given by Pope Francis”:

God has the heart of a father, your father was a good man, he is in heaven with Him, be sure. God has a father’s heart and, would God ever abandon a non-believing father who baptizes his children? God was certainly proud of your father, because it is easier to be a believer and have your children baptized than to be a non-believer and have your children baptized. Pray for your father, talk to your father. That is the answer.


I don’t even know anymore what on must do to get to Heaven as I constantly hear about non Catholics going there and most Catholics not by committing mortal sins.

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