Are only Catholics destined for Heaven?


And his religious views were Jewish as well. He celebrated the Jewish holidays, attended synagogue services, etc. Though some of Jesus’s words and deeds deviated from Judaism, Jesus never denied that his religion was Judaism. He didn’t want to start a new religion, he wanted to change Judaism. Remember, Jesus never wanted to preach to gentiles, only Jews. Same for Peter. He wanted to preach to Jews only and require gentiles to convert to Judaism. That was the basis of Peter’s trouble with Paul.


I don’t think anyone really knows, but following the Ten Commandments would be a good start, I think.

Then revere all of G-d’s creation. That doesn’t mean approve of evil acts, but revere all as children of G-d and the earth as G-d’s creation as well.


I like where your heart’s at CL. However, I think there are many challenging concepts in the Bible (and the CCC) with regard to your position. Here are a few:

  1. The flood
  2. Pharaoh (see Romans 9)
  3. Job
  4. Pretty much everyone the Israelite’s ran into in Canaan
  5. “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but through me.”
  6. The entire book of Romans
  7. The message of the Gospel (see gospel of John for example)
  8. The cross

Our God is merciful and loving. However, we hold his great mercy and love in tension with his perfect righteousness and judgement.


Just letting you guys know
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In the Council of Jerusalem Peter agreed with Paul and Jesus occasionly helped Gentiles.


Peter agreed to speak with Jews and Paul agreed to speak with gentiles. The basic disagreement between the two remained.

Jesus helped those who came to him, but it was Jews he sought out and Jews he wanted to preach to. And I’m not saying only Jews can be saved. Jews don’t believe that. Jews believe anyone can get to heaven.


You need to ask your priest if people like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Corrie ten Boom, and Raoul Wallenberg are barred from heaven simply because they knew about Catholicism and didn’t embrace it.

Of course one can know about Catholicism and not embrace it yet still go to heaven.


So what is the point of embracing it?


Thank you, but I don’t find them challenging at all. I have an MA in theology, which included Catholic theology, though I am Jewish myself.


For some people the RCC fulfills their needs. Its tenets lead one closer to G-d and a personal relationship with him. What’s the point of any religion if it doesn’t lead us closer to G-d and make our lives more G-d-centered?

Since this is the non-Catholic sub-forum, I will say, no religion is “one size firs all.” There are different branches of Catholicism, Lutheranism, Judaism, etc.


I think it’s possible he’s saying that even if someone dies and goes to heaven a protestant, they end up Catholic.

I don’t find “RCIA” in Purgatory all that unlikely. The church has the fullness of the truth that has been revealed. Heaven has all truth.


Jesus also said to go and baptize all nations.


Gives me that idea
His profile picture combined with the name (which is probably sarcastic)
And the fact that he’s calling out Catholic Church
Maybe he isn’t but it’s looking likely


He claimed to be devout?


only catholics going to Heaven you say? That is a relief to hear. I thought my sinful ways had done me in.
You are certain about this are you?


Only doesn’t mean all.


I think in heaven we’ll all just be “children of G-d.” We won’t need the guidance and discipline of a faith system.


I think you might have missed the point if you felt the obvious needed stating :grinning:.

Not being Catholic, or even Christian, is not shunning His Church???

Thats like saying that not doing what your father says is dishonouring him.

The world is not full of “non Catholics”. It is full of spiritual people seeking God in various different ways some of which may be better than others but most of which are likely best for this person at this time given their origins and the imperfect knowledge and cultures due to the Fall.


If I was trying to annoy true Catholics I would probably claim to be one too


All men are called by God to the same common destiny and given the means to fulfill it. While outside the Church there is no salvation, God offers all the means of receiving that salvation at some point in their lives. No one is excluded.

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