Are Oratorian Priests under a vow of celibacy like normal priests?


Are Oratorian Priests under a vow of celibacy like normal priests?

I ask because I’m a little muddled by the official oratorian stance saying they don’t take vows of celibacy but then being ordained as a priest requires that vow to be officially sealed, so to speak.

I know they take promises to be celibate, however I’m not sure who that statement is referring to, as it could mean Brothers, but don’t the Priests take vows whatever their religious order?


Well, let’s start by what you mean by normal priest. If you mean diocesan, they do not make vows of any kind. They make promises. Oratorians are not a religious order, therefore they don’t make vows either. Neither is the Oratory a standard congregation or religious institute. It’s members all make promises, not vows, this includes priests. The only priests and brothers who make vows are those who are members of religious orders, congregations, and institutes. The Oratory is a Society of Apostolic Life, therefore, no vows. This is similar to the FSSP or any other Society of Apostolic Life.


In other words, Oratorians are secular priests. Just like pretty much any parish priest you might come across.

And might I add, I have a special affection for the Oratorians due to their great liturgical expertise and their moral orthodoxy.


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