Are Our Habits Feeding Our Enemies?

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Are Our Habits Feeding Our Enemies?

When I say “habit, I mean our addition to oil and the enemies are the Radical Islamic Terrorists.

The answer is probably yes. Much of the oil money sent to the Middle East ends up in the hands of groups like Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the likes.

How? It is mainly through governments like Iran and “religious groups” like the Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia. There is strong evidence that both Iran and the Wahhabists both train and give financial aide to the terrorist groups. This evidence is too lengthy to go into here, but it is out there. Of course, most of these sources reporting this are considered “conservative” and/or “right wing” propagandists and is ignored by most in the Main Stream Media (which have their own agenda).

We need to break our need for oil by finding replacements for it. Bio-Fuels (non foodstock like corn based as I have said before), nuclear and other energy sources must be research and implemented. The sooner the better. Energy independence is a defeat for our enemies.

I believe it is, simply because a minority of Muslims resent us for being there in what they consider to be their holy lands. But these Muslims ignore the fact that we are there on ebhalf of their government through treaties and that if it weren’t for the government we wouldn’t be there at all.

In other words, they’re scapegoating.

They also resent us fr our trade and support of Israel.

there is no guarantee that they wouldn’t bring terrorism to our shores in earnest even if we weren’t there.

On the other hand, if we really did achieve energy independen,ce, and quit importing oil from the middle east, that could turn the OPEC nations back into 3rd world countries, since they pretty much have only one export product. So we might end up supporting them with foreign aid instead of oil purchases.

We rely on other nations for a great deal of our products. Just look at the “made in” tags on clothing and other products. I’m not sure that just substituting high price alternatives for cheap oil is going to help all that much, except for making us poorer. We have oil reserves in the U.S. and off our coast as well, but we’re not drilling for it while other countries are.

Anti-oil dependance propaganda coming from the “right wing” conservatives? Doesn’t make sense. And the media ignores it (a left-wing U.S. media) for their own purposes? Is it opposite day and nobody told me?:smiley:

Read that I said. What is being ignored is that oil money is funding the terrorists and that is what is being ignored by the MSM.

I’m not sure that there’s a worry that OPEC nations would turn back the clock if we (USA) bought less or no oil from them, assuming we could become oil-independant. Methinks China would fill the gap, considering that they have as far to go in terms of development as we do in terms of oil-independance.

Good point about subsitution, though. Energy through corn is terribly inefficient.

Terrorist countries are not a military threat. Yes they can cause damage here in the US but that damage such as on 9/11 was caused by a small group of radical hate mongers who accomplished their mission with thousands of dollars, not a multi million dollar organized venture. If we stopped buying arab oil we would not be able to cut off enough funding to stop radicals like the ones who attacked us. However, there are foriegn countries that do represent a legitimate military threat (like China) and we are continuing to poor billions of dollars into their ecconomy. At the same time our defict spending is reducing the value of the dollar and weekening our ecconomy and putting us at risk.

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