Are overseas bank accounts unethical for American Catholics?

I think you could make an argument either way perhaps?

In general, a moral question comes down to purpose. Why are you doing THIS?
If the reason is not immoral, and the means is not immoral, the action is not immoral.
If the reason is immoral, the means can’t justify it.
If the reason is moral but the means immoral, the reason can’t justify the means.

If you want an overseas bank account for the purposes of doing business overseas or because you’ll be spending a lot of time in a certain country, it makes sense to maintain an overseas account.

If you want an overseas bank account to avoid taxes, that’s immoral. Render to Caesar.

One’s religion is wholly irrelevant regarding the ethics of an overseas bank account. Only the purpose of the account, followed by the legality of the account, are relevant.

Why would they be unethical. I know people who have dual citizenship and who travel every year to the other country and some intend to retire in the other country. So, why shouldn’t they have a bank account in that country?

That would be totally acceptable, provided that it is legal.


How can religion be “wholly irrelevant” to ethics?

There’s no issue as long as the account isn’t for illegal or immoral purposes.

As many others have said, as long as it is legal and necessary, why would it be unethical?
I don’t understand where does this question come from??:confused:

All Christian support of taxation seems to hinge upon “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar,.”
When Jesus said this, bear in mind he was answering Pharisees who were instructed to entangle him, and possibly to brand him as a rebel against Caesar. The second half of the statement seems almost ignored by Christendom. “, and (render) and unto God the things that are God’s.” I do not see this chapter of Mathew (Matt22) giving individual instruction on the morality of taxation. At the same time I can see that Jesus knew the folly of Christians as a group becoming tax protesters.

Because of “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar,.”

You have distorted my statement.

Being Catholic is not relevant in regard to banking laws. Anything the Catholic Church teaches about obeying the law would apply equally to Catholics and non-Catholics.

Having an overseas account who be equally ethical or unethical to a Catholic person, Jewish person, Hindi person, etc. The ethics depend on the motive and relevant laws.

I see. Thank you for the clarification.
It was not an intentional “distortion”

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