Are people who claim to be phsyic bad people?


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I assume you mean psychic?

Sometimes they are doing it to make money, some people know they aren’t really psychic but still justify their actions by saying they help people come to terms with grief, and some are probably deluded enough to think they really can read minds.

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thisis a great book for understanding how the devil uses new age religions to ensnare people. The author had very accurate pschic predictions due to the work of a demon. Fortunately, she was saved from that life.


You posted something about a “charismatic” service you attended - would you include such groups in your definition of “psychic”?


there are no bad people. There are people who do bad things and those who fail to do good things. If your question is really: is it morally wrong to claim psychic abilities you do not have, yes, it is a lie and if you take money for it, it is also fraud and a criminal act. If you are asking: is it morally wrong to use so-called psychic abilities to foretell the future or make predictions about the future, especially in an attempt to influence the decisions and actions of other people, yes, it is a violation of the 1st and 2nd commandments. If you take money for it, it could also be a criminal act.

Get rid of the poll. There is no such thing as an opinion vote on objective morality.


No, they’re not bad people. They’re probably just fakes or are deluded enough to believe they can actually read minds.


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