Are people who destroy the Bible out of mockery/biggotry cursed?


Back in October, members of the Salvation Army were handing out free Bibles to people and I noticed some people obtained a Bible and ripped it apart and threw it like a football. I also saw some people saying they were going to burn a Bible. I was outraged and I remembered that the Cathedral was holding daily mass in a half hour, so I went over and attended mass. After it was over, the priest (who never fails to give a great homily) came up to me and asked if there was anything wrong. So I told him about what had transpired and he was outraged to say the least. He told me that those people are cursed and their actions are going to lead them straight to Hell because ripping the Bible is like ripping God himself. Is it true they may be cursed in any way? I don’t mean in the sense of seven years of bad luck or anything, but are they cursed physically or spiritually?

If your friends told you to drive your car into a tree, would you do it? When people tell you to give up your faith in God, they are asking you to drive into a tree
-A great priest I know


He is probably referring to a verse in Revelation where it says that “He who removes or adds from this book of prophecy shall have the plagues described added unto him” or something along those lines. Whether they are cursed or not, it is most assuredly blasphemy.


Well, I got rid of one once. It only had John and Matthew in it if I remember, but was interspersed with a lot of heresies and anti-catholic material in all of the articles. So with that kind of situation… depends.

But I know what you mean… I mean even I have a copy of the King James version somewhere. Just because it’s an old translation, or a new translation, means nothing! It’s the bible for Chist’s sake:rolleyes:


To respectfully dispose of something is different than ripping it apart out of hate, I think.


Nah, not exactly… There has traditionally beleived to have been a curse upon those who do not treat SS with respect. It doesn’t come from Revelation, the tradition is actually older than Cannon. In fact, part of the motive for setting cannon was to prevent Christians from unnecessarly martyering them selves for condemed books.

It’s simply that, this is the Word of God. You treat it with respect, and particularly in those tenative days you defended it with your life lest it be lost for ever.

I believe, personally, it is a mortal sin of serious magnitude. We should pray that they repent, turn back to God.


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