Are people who suffer from scrupulosity required to follow an informed moral conscience?

My understanding has always been that a person is never allowed to act in doubtful moral conscience, but must always remove the doubt first by such means as asking a priest or reading books on the matter. The problem that I have is I am very scrupulous and there are a large number of moral doubts that I have, and when I stop worrying about one thing something else will always pop up. I have read this article named “Ten Commandments for the Scrupulous”: ‘’. I am particularly interested in Commandment number eight which is as follows:
“You shall believe and act accordingly, so that whenever you are in doubt as to whether or not you are obliged to do or not to do something, you can take it for certain that you are not obligated.”

And then it goes on to say the following:

This commandment underlines the basic moral principle that doubtful laws or obligations do not bind the scrupulous conscience. The great saint, and our patron, Saint Alphonsus Liguori teaches: “When there exists in a scrupulous person the habitual will not to offend God, it is certain that he or she acts in doubt and there is no sin…”

Does this mean that a person with scrupulosity is allowed to act in doubt without having first informed their moral conscience?

That’s how I read it. However, before applying these commandments in my own case, if I were scrupulous, I would be certain to take them to my confessor and get his approval for using them. The best remedy for scrupulosity is obedience to one’s (one and only) confessor. If you do not have a regular confessor, I cannot urge you strongly enough to find one, meet with him outside of confession, and go over these things so you have some solid rules for yourself that you can obey confidently.

Dont kibbitz with your conscience already ,when in doubt do it and dont let your nosey conscience know,what it doesnt know wont hurt.

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