Are Poltergeists demons?


Awesome question. (I like questions about this stuff)…

My answer…I’m not sure. But Poltergeist was a great movie in its day :smiley:

From my knowledge and understanding…not necessarily. Many experts claim it is a disturbed spirit who haunts a person and not so much a place.

Maybe,maybe not. I am not sure but some times there is a human behind the comotion. :eek::whistle::bigyikes::wave:

Catholic teaching states that when we die, our souls either go to Purgatory or to Hell; or to Heaven if you are a Saint. No where is it taught that there can be un-settled souls-commonly known as ghosts- roaming about the world.
However, there are numerous references to Demons abroad in the world-in both the Old Testament as well as the New.
Is it not possible for a Demon, who by definition is a spawn of Satan, to imitate an unsettled soul in order to corrupt us?
For those of you who are worried about such things, you should keep a Crucifix and a bottle of Holy Water near at hand. This, plus a clean soul are the best protection possible from Satan and Demons.

:confused:Could some ‘ghosts’ be a reflaction of a soul in Purgantory? There have been stories of Saints being seen soon after their deaths, in activies the Saints had been slack in life. :heaven::harp::gopray:

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