Are prayers copyrighted?


Are prayers composed by saints copyrighted?

I know it safe to say that some prayers of older saints (like St. Peregrine) are too old to have been copyrighted but how about prayers of younger newly-canonized saints (or soon-to-be-canonized saints) like St. Pope John Paul II or Blessed Mother Teresa?

Is it okay to use their prayers as lyrics for songs?


Good question.
I would think prayers and those who publish them WANT people to see them and use them. But when you speak using them as lyrics…
To be on the safe side, I would contact the Order or website that published the words you want to use. Either they’ll be delighted or they’ll ask for a mention/credit.

yeah, better to ask then get in trouble because of it later.

in most cases, I would assume it would be fine. I’m sure st. John paul II wouldn’t mind his prayers being used in a song

I am not so sure. My prayers are private as I believe most prayers are unless printed by an Order, Community or the Individual for public use. If you wish to use these prayers for gain or profit you need to consider that any one of theses groups could or may wish to do the same. While most of the above mentioned don’t push the issue of copyright in general, it would be a good idea to get permission to do so. Peace.

Thank you all for your responses!

I will definitely contact the Order :slight_smile:

God bless!

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