Are prayers more effective at mass?


My question is particularly on the bold part below, but I included the context. I was listening to Father Chad Ripperger’s talk on The Passion of Christ from March 2006. He said the following (28:35-30:32):*We also have certitude that our prayers are heard by the holy sacrifice of the mass, because it’s joined to the Calvary sacrifice, which we know for a fact God was pleased with. The prayers we offer during the mass will surely be heard because they are aided by the prayer of our Lord on the cross and of the angels who are present. So every time…a priest says mass and he confects the Eucharist, and even now as our Lord is in the tabernacle, the Church becomes the port of heaven. That is, this is the place of Christ, this is where Christ is at. And so what’s this mean? It means that even the angels are present adoring…our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle. And every time mass is said, the angels fall down in adoration, so to speak, that is they subject their mind and heart to the Christ Who’s present in the Eucharist. So they’re present at every mass, and who wait until mass is offered in order to profit their petitions on our behalf with greater urgency and more hope of success. In other words, it is saints and the angels who will sometimes wait until mass is said and offer during then so that it’s more efficacious. It is during mass when we are present at Calvary where the infinite merit is had. And so we are present at the time when our prayers are more likely to have success. This is one of the reasons for going to daily mass. If you want to increase, if you find that your prayer just isn’t very efficacious, you know, you’re praying and praying, and it doesn’t seem to be doing much–God listens, but He sets out that: “I want a certain amount of merit or prayer to be established before I’ll give you what you ask.” The mass, as a participation in Calvary’s sacrifice, merits more than any other form of prayer, and so as a result, if you join yourself to it daily it will increase the merit of your prayer, in addition to the fact that it will make you holier which will also increase your merit.*I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this. Also, if anyone knows of ECFs or saints saying anything like this, I’d appreciate reading that if you could provide it. Thanks!


I’d like to think so. :slight_smile:


This seems to be suggesting we are saying our own devotional prayers during Mass.

We should be attending to and joining in (by responses or carefully listening) to the prayers of the Mass itself.


He may well be referring to prayers said while kneeling before mass starts, while kneeling right after communion, or during the petitions when we are encouraged to offer our own intentions in the silence of our hearts.


Nonetheless, wherever we pray, our prayers our heard. Like said in Romans 8, the Holy Spirit intervens for us when we pray.


During the raising of the Chalice, I say the St. Gertrude prayer:

Eternal Father, I offer you the Most Precious Blood of Your Divine Son Jesus, in union with all the Masses said throughout the world today, for the Holy Souls in Purgatory and for sinners everywhere.

Are you saying this shouldn’t be done? :confused:


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