Are priests allowed to give the Eucharist with the left hand?

Dear Friends,

I have posed this question to you before and have NOT had an answer.

My current concern is that a a new priest in my local Church is a left handed person.

My problem is that I find hard to accept him using his left hand to administer Holy Communion.

What is tha Canon Law’s position on this issue?
Thank you
God bless you


There is no Church law requiring a priest to administer the Eucharist with his right hand. He must, however, use his right hand to give blessings. To recognize that the Eucharist is the Lord ought to matter more than anything. Certainly, it ought to matter more to us that what hand the priest is using to give Him to us! The Eucharist is the concrete memorial of His passion through which He revealed His love for us. I will send your privately a reflection on His passion to help you focus on what this entails.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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