Are Priests Allowed to Have Long Hair?

Just out of curiosity. I know it’s more of a tidyness thing, but are there any real restrictions to it?

A particular religious order, diocese, or other local organization might have regulations about how a priest wears his hair. But in general, no.

there is a priest in my diocese who has long hair … about shoulder length

My non practicing and quite anti-Catholic Catholic sister sent me a news article of a civilian clothed long haired Catholic priest who was arrested for possessing a rather large bag of marijuana.

What do you say to that?

“Ya so…”

“A priest is human, too, just as we all are. We all sin, and we all fail at times. We can only be thankful that our God is a forgiving one, as long as we ask for his forgiveness.”

Sorry, I did a quick check back on those details. It wasn’t a bag of pot it was…

In a spare bedroom of the rectory, 35 marijuana plants (from 6 inches to 4-feet) were discovered, along with grow lights, eletric transformers, air purifiers and various how-to drug volumes, including “The Marijuana Grower’s Guide and Opium for the Masses.”

Barbkw, I want to know what’s the point of your post. Are you saying that we should generalize everyone who has long hair as someone who’s a pothead?

I would still say…
“A priest is human, too, just as we all are. We all sin, and we all fail at times. We can only be thankful that our God is a forgiving one, as long as we ask for his forgiveness.”

nobody said Priests are not sinful, there totally not suppose to be, but if theres a few thats messed up, thats really their choice, and they will be judged by God, like any other human. Now lets stick to the main topic of “Can Priest wear long hair.” if Priest has long hair, that doesnt mean hes doing drugs. i used to have long hair, and i have never done drugs.

Not as a pothead per se, but possibly a person who retains nonconformity in his personality for one reason or another.

In this case, this priest with long shoulder length hair, and civilian cloths, and a marijuana farm in the rectory, who was selling to children, should have been on his parishes’ radar, or his Bishop’s radar, or the seminary’s radar.

Dont know If there is a rule against It, but I dont see how It would be a problem

But this is one instance. Its not like every long haired priest is guilty of something.

It’s a question of length (how long is too long) and a question of non-conformity. I’ve never seen a Catholic priest with long hair.

Must be from the hippie generation :slight_smile:

I was unclear. I meant there are generally no restrictions on how a priest wears his hair.

Maybe the priest with long hair just want to be different-I see no problem-of course, I grew up during the "70s era-so this isn’t shocking to me. If I am not mistaken, I think there is a priest from Huntington, California who has long hair and surfs-now that is definitely being unique-lol :slight_smile:

Well, if he had a book titled “…Opium for the Masses” at least it was a liturgical book!


It doesn’t mean there are none of them out there. And it doesn’t mean that just because there was once case of a priest with long hair who turned out to be a crook, it doesn’t mean every priest who has long hair is a crook.

I’m just troubled that you put out an example without much explanation, and the topic is about long hair and not criminal records, yet you manage to summarize the length of hair with bad behavior. I hope we give our priests a fair shake here, this is hasty generalization at its worst and its never a good thing with priests or any other person.

Note that non-shaving and non-cutting of hair is part of the Eastern spirituality. You’ll see this mostly on Eastern Catholic and Orthodox monks. What if the RC priest just decides to follow that as well? I mean, that for sure is not the only reason, but there are tons of possibilities why a Latin Rite priest may decide to let their hair grow long. It isn’t a bad thing.

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