Are private vows made by the unbaptized valid?

If I recall it correctly I didn’t “vow it” properly, but I asked for the gift of perpetual chastity. Having my State of catechumen in mind, would any private vows made by me valid?

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I wouldn’t think so, but that’s an uneducated guess.

Private vows are usually made after some serious thought and prayer on the part of both the person and their spiritual director. Wait and see what the Lord leads you to after you’ve received First Eucharist.

I’m also of the opinion that private vows wouldn’t be permitted until after 3 years of being Catholic. They might also get in the way of any kind of religious profession should you prove to have a Vocation. Sounds like you’re attracted to Consecrated Virgin.

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Non religious and some religious communities and Parish Priests make promises, not vows.
Anyone can make a promise but it is not a good practice to get into.

It is better just to pray for this gift as you have done and should continue to pray it it is the will of God you are not to marry.
We should pray first to be obedient to God’s will.

What is your reason for life long chastity ?

A extremely confused and wounded sexuality which I will not get into detail here plus my overall temperament.

That’s a somewhat good reason. Please get counseling and spiritual direction, though. I’ve been through that myself, and I ended up at the altar with a human husband.

Apologies, I wasnt asking due to reasons other then are you planning on a religious life. I think you should discuss this with a Priest and a health care professional. We should not make choices about our religious direction based on confusion and wounding. We should be making them from a positive outlook. A priest and health care professional would help greatly in this area.

Hummmm… So what I have to do now boils down to wait, pray and discern

Thank you @OurLadyofSorrows and @Mrs_cloisters_OP

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Have you spoken with a vocations director at your Parish, that can also be very helpful. When I was discerning, which was a process that I underwent for several years, I had some very good support and advise. It helped a lot.

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