Are Protestants Anti-Catholic?

This is a poll, particularly meant for Catholics. Non-Catholics can take part in the discussion if they wish.

I do think that because Protestant strongly oppose Catholic teaching, they are Anti-Catholic.

What makes them different from the Eastern Orthodox is that none of them have valid Apostolic Sucession.

Anglican priests since the Reformation have been ordain by Kings and Queens of England not Patriarchs or Archbishops.

The other Protestants can trace their history to Martin Luther, John Calvin, and other Reformers. They don’t trace their history to the Apostles…

I think thats quite a broad generalization. Some Protestant denominations may be but not all. Baptists generally are…at least the southern sect, at least thats the idea I got when I was being force fed their doctrine as a child.

I have a good friend who is Methodist and he and his family are most definatly not anti-Catholic. He was taught love and tolerance in his church…he wasn’t taught to hate or judge other religions so naturally he’s not anti any religion even though Islam is generally his most disliked.

Protestants are no more anti-Catholic than Catholics are anti-Protestant.

Protestant’s are anti-Catholic in the sense that their doctrines (some, if not most of them) in some form or fashion oppose the Holy Catholic Church. “Anti-” is merely a prefix meaning “against.” If Protestants don’t have anything against the Catholic Church, they should have no problem returning home.:thumbsup:

Now, don’t misread me. I know someone in their zeal will. There are those Protestant factions that have anti-Catholic doctrines. The Seventh Day Adventists are a prime example.

In Pax Christi

And that is the elephant in the room. I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that many Protestants sincerely love Jesus and do their utmost to be faithful witnesses to His Truth. I also wonder how many of them have even the remotest idea of what terrible practices the original Reformers indulged in to spread the new religion. It is important to see the tree for what it is in order to avoid picking its fruit.

I’ve got to vote “No.” While anti-Catholicism pervades the history of Protestantism, anti-Catholicism isn’t inherent in Protestant doctrine. It’s not the same as, say, Seventh-Day Adventism, which holds as an actual doctrine that the Catholic Church is evil.

Protestants are anti-Catholic when they act in bigoted or prejudicial ways toward Catholics or knowingly misconstrue Catholic life or teachings… Opposition to Catholic doctrine is not anti-Catholic. Being a member of the Know-nothings or writing stuff like Maria Monk is anti-Catholic.

Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and Henry VIII were anti-Catholic.

Most Protestants today are not, but rather shackled by the fallacies they have been fed by their clergy regarding the Catholic Church’s history, practices, and teachings and by their own cultural biases.

If that were true then one would expect to find as many anti-Protestant websites, books, videos and comic books put out by Catholics as one does in fact find put out by Protestants against the Catholic faith.

For a quick test, search “Whore of Babylon” and see how many times it is used by Catholics referring to Protestants, and how many times it is used by Protestants referring to Catholics.

Henry VIII?

Yes. I certainly consider rejecting the Pope and executing Thomas More for not betraying his office to be anti-Catholic!

Henry, for whatever reason, didn’t consider himself to be anti-Catholic, and of the Reformers he certainly is the fringe.

Small consolation for More and his family.

In my vocabulary I make a distinction between non-Catholic and anti-Catholic.

Non-Catholic (Christian) = someone who is not a Catholic
Anti-Catholic = Someone who purposefully acts against Catholicism, has a very negative view on the Church and often accuses Her of things that are simply not true.

Some non-Catholics are anti-Catholics as well. We’ve seen them around here. However many non-catholics are very kind and have a great respect of Catholicism. They may not, out of their ignorance, agree with something and that’s why they don’t join. Some non-Catholics might even be seeking to discover the beauty of the Church to decide whether to join. And finally there are those who are in RCIA are preparing to join the Church. They are technically not Catholics but they are certainly not anti-Catholics.

And many others.

Not all of them. Some eventually become Catholic. :slight_smile:

Just go to websites of “traditional” Catholics…

…or ask people here what they think of Luther, Calvin, Wesley, etc…

I’d go so far as to say the overwhelming majority of non-Catholics are NOT anti-Catholic. Here in the Bible Belt these numbers are probably a bit lower, but you’d be hard-pressed to find many anti-Catholics who were not atheists/agnostics in the Northeast in my experience.

Now, I also think it’s fair to say that a sizeable majority of non-Catholics do not understand much of Catholicism at all.

This is probably why we’re urged not to presume that someone asking a question which seems headed in an anti-Catholic direction is in fact anti-Catholic—they’re likely just asking an honest question based on the heavy doses of bovine excrement they’ve been fed concerning the Church over the years.

Apples and oranges, my friend.

One can despise the unChristian actions of the Reformers without being anti-Protestant. The Reformers are dead, after all, and few of their belief systems and practices abide in significant measure today.

Blaming Protestants today for the murderous and intolerant actions of Calvin, Zwingli, and Luther is like blaming the grandkids for the divorce of the grandparents.

Plus I don’t think you’ll find a one who has a bad thing to say about Wesley—a great Christian.

But I’ll go you one further—I don’t believe people who criticize the various Borgia Popes are anti-Catholic either. We’ve had some bad Popes, and since the Catholic Church is the Body of Christ all Christians have the right to complain about the unChristian behavior of some of our Popes.

I agree. I have many friends who are protestant and simply can’t be considered as anti-catholic. Some even sometime go to a Catholic mass. On the other hand they are very liberal and live in the relativist world where all forms of worship are equal. shrug

Well, they can be as anti-Catholic as any Protestant. :slight_smile:

…or ask people here what they think of Luther, Calvin, Wesley, etc…

Again, there is no comparison in the number of books, videos, websites, tracts, ect.

Anglican priests ordained by Kings or Queens of England? I don’t think so–where did you hear that…

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