Are Psychics/Mediums bad?

My Grandma who’s Filipino and a Catholic was friends w/ a lady who’s also Filipino and a Catholic. Anyways, my mom said when she was little, her mom and the other lady did this thing in their house. They lit a candle (or smoked the house, something like that) and an image of a person’s face formed in the sand or dirt. That meant that someone’s spirit was there. My mom also said that they were told that someone was buried beneath the house. I don’t know how true is that.

Now the house is extremely old and creepy. And I remember long time ago, when I was little, we visited the house a couple of times at night, my Grandpa’s dog would bark straight at nothing.

And my mom said that when her sister stayed over at the house, she felt something was on top of her. But she said she wasn’t scared. Sorry if I’m making this sound like I’m crazy or something

So my first question for this is:
(1) What is that called, the thing they did?
(2) Is that a sin? You know, to do all that stuff my Grandma and the lady did.

Here’s another story. My mom said that when she was having sore stomach/cramps, her mom brought her to that same Filipino lady. The lady prayed over her in God’s name and she said she was soon to have her first period. And it was true.

Last story: My Grandpa was adopted and never knew his biological parents. My mom, her sister, and mom went to the Filipino lady (sorry I keep calling her that because I don’t know her name). She gave them his parent’s last name which was Hawaiian and started with a ‘K’. But I guess they forgot all about it and lost the paper with the name.

The reason I had to tell all this is because I was thinking about asking a psychic some names of some people, past and current ones, not future. One of them, like a said, was my Grandpa’s last name. I was always curious. I was hoping to find a Catholic one, like my Grandma’s. I don’t think she’s alive but even if she was, she’s all the way back in Hawaii.

I feel it’s harmless to ask a psychic/medium names especially if they’re doing it in God’s name. I’m asking nothing else like the future. Of course, I just might be stubborn due to my curiosity and the urge of wanting answers. I hate the feeling of my questions going unanswered.

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