Are Religious orders open to all?

I know this is a silly question to ask and I should know the answer but I have to admit I don’t.

I would like to know if a woman can visit or go on a retreat to a Religious Men’s Order? or Vice-versa?

A friend of mine who is discerning Religious life happened to go on a retreat with the Benedictine Monks in Mission, B.C., Canada

I do apologize for being so ignorant.

If you are a woman who visited a Religious Men’s order or a Man who visited a Religious women’s order please share your experiences.

Was your visit or retreat helpful and rewarding in discerning your vocation?

or if you’re not discerning a vocation did this enrich your faith?

(Of course you don’t have to answer this or any questions but I’m just curious that’s all)

Let us continue to Pray for Vocations. Amen.

God bless,

The answer will vary depending on the particular event and order. Generally men go to a men’s order, women to a women’s order - however, I’ve heard of opposite gender visitations to both.

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