Are retreats worthwhile?

Are retreats worthwhile.
I am a cradle Catholic.
I am a practicing Catholic. I attend Mass each Sunday and try to receive the Sacrament each Sunday.
Would I benefit from attending a retreat of some kind. I know there are different kinds of retreats.

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Yes! I love going on retreats. Try different types out to see which ones work for you. I love a good week long silent retreat.


After 54 years of being a cradle Catholic I went to a retreat and while it was very informative and very nice , I am glad I went, it was not the retreat I expected. In other words RESEARCH your retreats before committing and research the presenters as well as the location. Also the arrangements are VERY IMPORTANT. Had I known that I would be sharing a room with 2 other people I NEVER would have attended (just personal reasons). I will not go on a retreat again unless I can have a private room. Just my own personal opinion. There are many different types of retreats that cover many ranges of topics.


It’s a good time to get away from it all and recalibrate your mind and spirit.


Definitely, especially at a monastery. Like Jesus, sometimes we need to leave the crowds and find a solitary place to pray.


I would LOVE to go to a retreat in a convent or monastery. That would be amazing. Although the one I went to was in a religious Community just not a cloistered one.


I love retreats and try to do at least one a year. It is wonderful time to disconnect from the world and reconnect with God.


I self arrange all of my silent retreats at cloisters and meet up once a day during the retreat for spiritual direction. Otherwise, I’m working through a book, thought/question, or scripture all while living silently other than mass and the Divine Office.

I found I liked organized retreats just fine, but I can better manage my leave at work if I organize it myself.

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I go on a retreat every year. They are good for being able to step out of the world around us for a few days and spending time with Jesus.


YES! I’d be in a bad marriage if I hadn’t gone on retreat. Everyone should go on retreat, especially before deciding on a vocation or making another big decision in life.


Exactly! :+1::+1:

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There are both private retreats where you meet with a director and are otherwise on your own, and group retreats where there may be talks or other activities to participate in. I much prefer private retreats where I have a lot of time to pray, read, and generally focus on my interior life.


Yes, absolutely. In fact all clergy and Religious attend at least one each year.

There are retreats in many different formats, one to appeal to everyone.

A retreat house or monastery will have a listing of upcoming retreats.

In addition there are movement-based retreats like Cursillo, and the like.

It’s like taking a vacation to God.
Deacon Christopher


The retreat offered at my parish is an ACTS retreat. Double occupancy for rooms. Three days, which will be hard to work around my work schedule. Not many details on what will happened during the retreat, which worries me a little.

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The retreat being offered is a group retreat. I think I would prefer a private retreat. But as far as I know, they do not offer any at my parish.

Yes retreats are worthwhile in my opinion if you are blessed enough to be able to afford them and to be able to get to go to them. I have never been on a retreat with my parish and have only found my own ones, so that is a possibility too. Many retreat houses offer them at least in this country (England) but I am sure in your country too and they run programs that you can join or you can just go and take your own time out (usually you can just join the community for mass, meals and Divine office and what ever other prayer they offer - you should be able to find all this on there website and/or by brochures they will send you). For your first time it’s probably best to join an established one.
Pray on whether you should go to this one or not, if you feel you are called to go then go and don’t worry too much about the details as God will provide. I went on a Congress/pilgrimage with my Diocese and I knew very little about what was to happen and it ended up being fantastic. God bless you.

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For a fun time, come on Confirmation retreat with me, 170 8th graders and a couple dozen adults. We do a half day retreat, at church in the Fall and a two night retreat at a camp in the Spring.


170 8th graders? Yikes!:open_mouth:

And at least a dozen high school kids.

I can see why you want to rope other adults into coming.

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