Are retreats worthwhile?

I think it depends on the retreat, and how receptive you are.

I did Christ Renews His Parish for awhile, and it was a great, thought transitory, experience for me. I’d recommend it to anyone; with the caveat that what was worthwhile was the fellowship of being on a team to plan the next retreat. If it was just the retreat itself it wouldn’t move the needle much.


In some regions besides offering overnight “residential” retreats they also offer non-residential weekend retreats where the couples go home after the all-day session and return to the retreat the next morning. It might be easier for your husband to attend one of these non–residential retreats.

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They may not work for you but what you state you want from a retreat

is what happens, at least at Cursillo.

I’ve been on Charismatic retreats, they are not for me. I’ve been on a silent retreat will go again this year. I’ve done many one day retreats with various themes.

It sounds as though you want a private retreat:

All you need to do is make the commitment to do it. Struggling with which retreat to do, what happens in a retreat, what is the structure, will I get a schedule, is basically procrastination. Don’t worry about which retreat house or which spirituality the order is. Many monasteries offer rooms for retreatents. You could even rent a hotel room in a city near a church you like and do a personal retreat that way. God is calling you to do a retreat, respond to his call and do one. Trust God to have your best interest in mind.

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