Are sacraments essential to salvation?

A baptist friend has asked me to read R.J Sproul’s Are We Together: A Protestant Analyzes Roman Catholicism and would like to discuss it with me. I am torn about reading it because while I think it will help me to form answers in defense of my RC faith, I am worried that it will pose questions I can’t answer to her satisfaction. In reading reviews of the book on Amazon, I came across one review that says that the Hail Mary prayer’s theology rests on a big mistranslation. I have no idea what they are referring to. Another review says that Catholics believe that sacraments are essential to salvation. Do we? I feel so clueless. Thanks for any help you can give me on these questions and please advise as to whether this book is worth a read.

These links should give you the answers that you need. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by this, please contact Catholic Answers directly.
Recommended Reading:

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